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Red Sox Adding International Shortstop

The Red Sox have dipped their toe back into the international pool with the signing of Dominican prospect Yoeilin Cespedes for 1.4 million dollars. The 17 year old Cespedes is a shortstop ( i know shocking right?) out of the Dominican republic that has been compared to Howie Kendrick. The young Cespedes is ranked the number 25 international player by MLB Pipeline. Yes folks the number 25 international player was the best Chief of B.O. Chaim Bloom could do on international signing day

The Sox have had their ups and downs with International signings in the past. Swinging and missing with guys like Rusney Castillo. But also hit grand slams with Rafael Devers and Xander Bogaerts. Let's all hope the 17 year old Cespedes is of the ilk of the latter two names mentioned here.

“ He’s compact and strong. With plus bat speed and noteworthy power. He already shows an advanced approach at the plate and projects as a solid everyday player at the Major League Level “ high praise for a 17 year old. It's also said while he is currently a SS he is projected to play second or third base.

At just 5 '11 and 150 lbs Cespedes will need to hit the weight room and maybe hope for a late growth spurt between now and say 2027 when dare I say he makes his MLB debut. Okay okay wishful forward thinking. But today was a great day for the young righty and his family. Let's all hope he continues his upward climb until he reaches Fenway. The sox started the day with roughly 4,644,000 dollars in international spending money 600K was taken from them for signing Trevor Story last year. So add that to the up in smoke pile.

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