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Red Sox: Adalberto Mondesi Fact or Fiction

Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, Ogopogo, The Jersey Devil, and Aldalberto Mondesi, these are the cryptids we all want to see with our own eyes one day. I'm beginning to think that spotting Nessi swimming up the Charles is going to happen before anyone in Boston is ever going to see Adalberto Mondesi in any uniform at Fenway. Word came down that the local Boston and Florida legend has been shut down….. Again.

It was just two days ago Mass Lives Chris Cotillo reported a sighting of the elusive Mondesi in fort Myers FLA, the rumors spread quickly that the middle infielder Chaim Bloom traded for was facing live pitching and fielding ground balls right out in the open. Daring monster hunters to snap pictures of his strength and speed. Then as soon as the news of the sighting was reported. He was gone

Mondesi has been rehabbing this same surgically repaired left knee for more than a year. Chaim Bloom knew who he was getting when he traded reliever Josh Taylor for the middle infielder back in January. You know for depth ( that's me chuckling you hear ) they had all the reports, He/they knew Mondesi had played more than 100 games only once in his seven year career. no one was going to be able to reverse this move. But Bloom didn't care. He was sure Adalberto would be the man to keep the sox in it until his other middle infielder with injury issues would be back. He was sure Adalberto would be ready for opening day. Well that issue (Trevor Story) was back before Bloom's 3 plus million dollar fix was.

While most think this is all moot with the return of Story and the fine play of Pablo Reyes and Luis Urías at second and short. But is a point ever moot when it cost 3,045,000 dollars against your books ? Is a point really moot when you are chasing the LAST wild card spot available in the American League ? is a point ever moot when you hear a bit of discomfort has that point shut down….. Again, and for good. I guess we just add this up to the rest of the cash Bloom has wasted since coming to Boston.

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