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Quiet Yankees aren’t the problem

The lockout started on December 2nd. The Yankees were one of the teams that didn’t make a move. Fans, of course, act like the off-season is over and accuse the Yankees of being cheap. They have talked about how the late George Steinbrenner must be rolling in his grave because Hal hasn’t done anything. But here is the thing, the Yankees being quiet on the market before the lockout isn’t a problem. Here is why:


The off-season isn’t over as many like to act like it is. The Tigers, Angels, and Rangers didn’t sign/trade for every player available. Although we do not know who the Yankees are actually after, the ones rumored are still available. Matt Olson, Carlos Correa, Trevor Story, Seiya Suzuki, Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo, and many others. 

Yankees among 'most aggressive' suitors for Seiya Suzuki — New York Post Sports (@nypostsports) December 6, 2021

When the Yankees want someone, they will get him. If you didn’t learn that with how the Yankees pursued Gerrit Cole then I don’t know what to tell you.

And you have to be realistic when it comes to certain players as well. The Yankees were not going to pay Max Scherzer for what the Mets signed him for. The Yankees weren’t going to pay Corey Seager for what the Rangers signed him for. The same for Javier Baez. It’s already become a joke that the Yankees will get Seager in about five years when the Rangers realize they can’t afford to pay him anymore.

Seager announcing that he will be a Yankee in three years Report: Corey Seager agrees to whopping 10-year, $325M deal with Rangers — Timmy Perk (@timmy_perk) November 30, 2021


Accept that this isn’t George’s Yankees anymore. It has been 12 years now. Hal Steinbrenner is the owner and he intends to spend as he sees fit. Don’t let what Steven Cohen does fool you into thinking he is the next George. Like all other 29 owners, Cohen isn’t going to spend just to spend. Owners are going to spend as wisely as they see fit to put the best team on the field while making sure the future is still stable. 

Is Steven Cohen another Jerry Jones or another George Steinbrenner? — Andrew Sheehy (@andrewsheehy228) November 29, 2021

So while you complain about the Yankees “being cheap” just remember that the off-season is on pause now. When it resumes and the regular season starts, then you can legitimately complain or praise what the team has done. For now, it’s too early to complain.

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