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Questionable Officiating Helps Giants Over Commanders

The Washington Commanders were driving down the field to potentially tie the game trailing 20-12 in the fourth quarter against the New York Giants. Washington appeared to make it 20-18 after a Brian Robinson Jr. one-yard rushing touchdown, but Terry McLaurin was called for an illegal formation penalty, after asking the ref if he was okay where he lined up on the field originally.

After that penalty on a fourth down play, Taylor Heinicke threw a pass in the end zone intended for Curtis Samuel and he was mugged on the play by Darnay Holmes, but no flag was called. The Giants held on for a 20-12 win on the road over the Commanders.

You make the call on the final play of the football game displayed in this picture:

Also, take a look at this Tweet about the Terry McLaurin play on the line of scrimmage.

Why does the ref penalize him anyways? That is just very bad all around.

Anyhow, the New York Giants have put themselves in a great position to be one of the wild card spots in the NFC. New York is currently the sixth seed and even with the Washington loss, they are still the seventh seed at the current moment as well.

With New York trailing 3-0 in the second quarter, Kayvon Thibodeaux strip-sacked Taylor Heinicke, and Thibodeaux recovered it for a one-yard touchdown for the Giants. He was a man amongst boys all night long and dominated this football game. This is why general manager Joe Schoen drafted him fifth overall out of the University of Oregon in the 2022 NFL Draft.

Saquon Barkley also rushed for a 3-yard touchdown in the second quarter for the Giants off of a wild cat formation. He rushed for 87 yards on 16 carries and a score.

Daniel Jones did well enough for the New York Giants to help them win the football game. He completed 21-of-32 passes for 160 yards passing and zero touchdowns and zero interceptions. Jones played well enough to not lose them in the football game but not well enough that he was the reason they won. It was more of they won in spite of him, not because of him.

On that same drive, they completed a fourth-and-9 to Richie James. James was their leading receiver with four receptions for 42 yards receiving.

Washington's lone touchdown in this football game came on a 19-yard touchdown pass from Taylor Heinicke to Jahan Dotson. Heinicke completed 17-of-29 passes for 249 yards passing and one touchdown. He also rushed for 33 yards on three carries.

The Commanders leading rusher was Brian Robinson Jr. with 89 yards rushing on 12 carries.

Jahan Dotson was the Washington Commanders leading receiver with four receptions for 105 yards receiving and a score. Terry McLaurin also caught six passes for 70 yards receiving.

It will be interesting to see how the rest of the season plays out for both of these football teams after a Week 13 tie and a Week 15 win for the Giants over the Commanders with New York owning the tiebreaker over them.

The New York Giants (8-5-1) next football game will be on the road this Saturday, 12/24, against the Minnesota Vikings (11-3).

The Washington Commanders (7-6-1) next football game will be on the road this Saturday, 12/24, against the San Francisco 49ers (10-4).

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