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Preseason done, Cutdown day looms.

One more Preseason game looms for the league but the fun should begin today in the league with cuts and trades. Here are some moves and needs around the league.

Arizona Cardinals- This is the tank job of tank jobs. The goal for the Arizona Cardinals is to sink to the bottom and drag the Houston Texans with them (Will Anderson trade). Minus maybe a handful of guys, this roster is available until the trade deadline. That includes as Murph would say, the best 2nd baseman in the NFL.

The offensive line play around the league has been very poor in the preseason. I'm looking at 3rd-year guys to be up for grabs: Stone Forsythe, Matt Peart, Josh Jones (yes again), and teams to move on from IOL for younger, up-and-comers.

How about a trade? Jonathan Taylor is available, Buffalo is in must-win soon mode, and the piper is coming. Taylor for one of the young EDGE players (Epenesa, Basham, or Rousseau and a draft pick) Personally, I think the Colts win here. The 968 College touches are coming around. Do your tires last forever? If I'm trading for an RB, I'm calling the Jets about Michael Carter.

Keep an eye on the Atlanta Falcons. The division is up for grabs. They grabbed a group of players on the defensive side who are just good football players. Calais Campbell, Bud Dupree, Clark Phillips III, Jessie Bates III, Kaden Elliss and Zach Harrison. Terry Fontenot may be my favorite GM in the league.

Teams with abundance and position

Baltimore- LB

Buffalo- EDGE

Cincinnati- Lower Roster WR Depth

Detroit- Lower Roster WR Depth

Jax- Lower Roster WR Depth


Lastly, keep an eye on 4th year players who didn't have the 5th year tender picked up. I'm looking at you Chase Young. Maybe not now but by trade deadline time.

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