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Potential Players traded during 2022 NFL Draft

1)K’Lavon Chaisson (EDGE) Jaguars- Not only has he made minimal impact in a couple of seasons with different regimes.  He should be playing on the EDGE in 3-4 alignment, preferably the Weakside.  Late day 2 or Early day 3 pick.

2)Andy Isabella (WR) Cardinals- I’ll start with this caveat, HE IS NOT A SLOT RECEIVER.  He is an outside speed player like a Desean Jackson.  You let him get over the top of Defenses.  Mid to Late Day 3 pick.

3)James Bradberry (CB) Giants- Multiple reasons for this.  They want to move on from the player and Gettleman’s contract to him.  Sauce Gardner is sitting there at either 5 or 7, you can pay a better player on rookie deal.  Bradberry does have value and could harness at Day 2 pick.

4)Jalen Reagor and J.J Arcega-Whiteside (WR) Eagles- The ever friendly Philly fans will drive these two anywhere they are traded.  Arcega-Whiteside does have red zone potential while Reagor could at least catch on in a role that highlight why he was chosen in the first round.  Leave it to Philly fans for this Youtube gem.  Late Day 3 picks.

5)Marlon Davidson (DL) Falcons-  This is a 3-4 DE trying to play in a 4-3.  This is a change of scheme to finally be free. Early day 3 to 3-4 team.

6)Darius Slayton (WR) Giants-  Rumor is he is the apple of the Chiefs eye.  Speedy WR who has shown he is a lot more.  He’s the odd man out in the numbers crunch.  5th to 7th round.

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