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Phillies Fire Joe Girardi 

The Phillies announced this morning they have fired Joe Joe Girardi’O . All I can say is . Good riddance to bad rubbish. As I can’t stand Joe.  Bench coach Rob Thomson will serve as interim manager for the rest of the season and Mike Calitri has been promoted from quality assurance coach to bench coach. Coaching assistant Bobby Meacham has also been let go. 

The Phillies can bring in all the new voices they want. They can hire the Brooklyn Tabernacle to sing to them. It won't make Odubel Herrera a better center fielder. It won't give Schwarber and Castellanos more range on the flanks. It won't heal Bryce's arm. — Metstradamus (@Metstradamus) June 3, 2022

Girardi who received a vote of no confidence this spring when the team refused to pick up his 2023 option couldn’t withstand his clubs poor start to the season. The Phillies are 22-29 a full 12 games behind the Mets in the NL East. 

Pirates: 21 wins, $35M payroll Orioles: 21 wins, $33M Nationals: 18 wins, $85M TOTAL: $153M Phillies: 21 wins, $200M — Justin Klugh (@justin_klugh) June 1, 2022

Team president Dave Dombrowski ( never one to take blame) said in a statement.

“It has been a frustrating season for us up until this point, as we feel that our club has not played up to its capabilities. While all of us share the responsibility” ( Pull this leg Dave) “ for the shortcomings, I felt that a change was needed and that a new voice in the clubhouse would give us the best chance to turn things around. I believe we have a talented group that can get back on track, and I am confident that Rob, with his experience and familiarity with our club, is the right man to lead us going forward.”

The Phillies have relieved Joe Girardi of his duties as manager today. Bench coach Rob Thomson has been named interim manager for the club through the end of the 2022 season. In addition, coaching assistant Bobby Meacham was also relieved of his duties. — Philadelphia Phillies (@Phillies) June 3, 2022

Girardi had a ton of success as the skipper of the Yankees. Finishing above .500 in each season he was at the helm. And Winning the World Series in 2009. also a Manager of the year trophy. But that never seemed to sway his players in Philly. As he managed just one season in 2021 (82-80) above the level watermark. 

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