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Patriots Mac Jones hopes Jakobi Meyers will be teammate “forever”

Although the Patriots have struggled in finding receivers over the last few years, (particularly a true WR1) they find themselves in a much better predicament as the 2022 season approaches.

Rather than retaining the few they have on rostered, the team is currently packed with talent at the receiver position. Throughout training camp, a real competition has brewed amongst the group with many having standout performances week to week.

But one name has continued to stand above the rest; Jakobi Meyers.

Despite the additions of DeVante Parker and rookie Tyquan Thornton, Meyers has had the best camp of all receivers for the second year in a  row. He’s continued to display his reliability and outperform his teammates no matter what new talent is brought in.

When speaking to the media after a joint practice with the Raiders concluded on Wednesday, Mac Jones discussed his thoughts on Meyers and how important he is to the team.

“He’s just a really smart football player. He’s been one of my close friends since I’ve gotten here. I trust him. We see the game the same way, sometimes without even talking about it. We’re just working on growing together and making our repertoire a little better.  Just with what he sees — how can he help me and how can I help him.”

Because the offense has struggled in practices while implementing a new playbook, Jones’ chemistry with Meyers becomes that much more important. The connection between the two on the field is obvious and will continue to be needed as the team works through the growing pains of a new scheme.

Jones would continue speaking highly of Meyers, even stating he hopes to play with the receiver for a long time.

“Hopefully we can grow together here. He’s just a tough, smart football player, and I’ll take him on my team forever, hopefully.”

With so much focus from voices outside of Foxboro shouting the need for the Patriots to establish a true WR1, it’s looking more and more like they have just that in Meyers. He was the top receiver on the team last year and is appearing on track to repeat that performance once again this season.

Meyers’ 2021 stats

  1. Played in all 17 games (16 games started)

  2. 83/126 receptions (65.9%) and 3 drops

  3. 866 yards

  4. 2 touchdowns

He may not be the flashiest of players or earn the most points for your fantasy team, but Meyers has outperformed any expectations that were placed on him. He plays a vital role in this offense, and his dependability will become even more valuable with the announcement of Thornton’s injury and the continued struggles of the running backs.

At the end of the day, Jones spoke loudly and clearly, sending a message to the Meyers doubters. If the quarterback feels comfortable with a receiver, the entirety of the offense will benefit from it and that’s the most important part of it all.

"We see the game the same way sometimes without even talking about it."@MacJones_10 talks about his connection with @jkbmyrs5 #ForeverNE — NBC Sports Boston's Patriots Coverage (@NBCSPatriots) August 24, 2022

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