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Patriots Keion White, Christian Gonzalez & Marte Mapu All Impress In Different Ways

Updated: Aug 13, 2023

Over the years a lot of vitriol has come Bill Belichick the GM’s Way. Well the pundits and talking heads are going to have a hard time cutting up this draft class. As his top three picks all showed out last night in Foxboro. And I think we saw who will continue the Patriots streak of twenty years of undrafted free agents making the final cut.

Keion White is an absolute Gamma induced beast of a human being when he steps between the sidelines of a football field, while most questioned why Bill didn't get a OT in the second round of this year's draft they missed what kind of an impact player Bill did pick up at number 46. Well those people got a taste of what's to come early last night as White got the start opposite Anfernee Jennings. The 6’5 290 lb ( yea thats not a typo 290 ) had to have the Texaans hosed off him after the game, White was in the Texicans faces and backfield from the opening gun ( wow how old am I ) until he was put back on the sideline by Belicheck.

Christian Gonzalez was welcomed to the NFL on the first play, the very first snap of his career. Thank you Nico Collins. Nico caught a short pass from C.J. Stroud turned upfield and well he blew the rookie corner back 45 feet. Okay so 45 feet is an exaggeration but you all saw it. Wake up Rookie you’re not in Oregon anymore. And wake up Gonzalez did . there was no snooze button pushing by the young Gonzalez as he jumped out of his slumber to impress for the duration of his time on the field. Even when he got beat. he stuck with the play and knocked a ball loose.

Marte Mapu - But Murph Mapu didn't even play last night. No he didn't. Mapu has been wearing a red no contact jersey since his name was called at number 76 in this year's draft. That doesn't mean he didn't impress me last night. Mapu, who was in uniform last night didn't see the field but was caught on the sidelines charting plays for Patriots ( insert title here ) Steve Belichick. He was also seen talking it up with several of last night's starters going over those notes he had been jotting down. Learn Young Padawan Learn. Still can’t wait to see how this dedication pays off when we do see him on the grid.

Thats it my rabid readers, how the top of bills 2023 draft class performed in at least my eyes and a second viewing of last night's festivities. Oh yea Malik Cunningham is the cure for Zappe Fever.

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