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Patriots Hunt for Red October 

“Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds”.

Robert Oppenheimer. Line from the Bhagavad – Gita 

When I first saw the Patriots schedule this season this line ran through me like a torpedo. I knew my job would bring me here, I knew this moment was coming. I paced the floor and asked myself why – why – why would the schedule makers do this. My wife asked me three times that day what was wrong? What was I dealing with? What pushed me to pace the floor like a caged big cat? I’ll tell you my rabid readers. But know I take no pleasure in it. 

We’re going to kill a friend, Yevgeni. We’re going to kill Ramius.”

Here are My Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over Tompa-Bay

Set the Depth Charges 

The way to Brady’s heart is pressure up the middle.  To this point in the season the Pats have gotten little to no pressure on opposing quarterbacks, be it a lack of skill or effort or the returning influence of Matt Patricia? (credit Steve Balestriari for that insight). This needs to end and end now. Push the pocket back into Tommy’s face, unleash Christian Barmore, get Brady off his spot and force his hand. 

Flood the Torpedo Tubes 

TB12 will be trying to get the ball out quickly.  Bill needs to flood the middle of the field with his fastest, most athletic Linebackers and Defensive Backs. Make him look to the outside where the corners can use the sidelines as a twelfth man. 

KGB Operatives

Two high shells , Set the Safeties Deep and spy from the back end, Keep Tommy in short yardage take what they give you mode, and beg them to run the ball. take away the chunk.

Run Silent. Run Deep 

This will make a ton of people happy. The Patriots need to run the ball on Sunday. Run it Early Run it often. I’m convinced that Trent Brown is inches away from getting back on the playing field. This will help answer all your questions as to what’s wrong on the O-Line. More Damian Harris – More Rhamondre Stevenson. And for Christ Sake more J.J Taylor. I am not calling for a ground and pound afternoon BUT, You have to establish the run to set up play action. 

The Weeklies

Limit the Laundry – Can you stop being stupid? Please 

Win the turnover Battle – You ignored this key last week and look at you now 

Own Third Down – On Both Sides of the Ball and you Keep Brady on the sidelines.

Blitz Pick – I hate having to add New Weeklies , but here we are no one blitzes more than Todd Bowles, i dont care if you need to move a TE into the backfield. Keep the kid clean and pick up the blitz.

Don’t Settle – get into the end zone. Six field goals and a TD will not get it done this week. 

Special Teams – yup, being added to the weeklies…BE SPECIAL 

Spread their Fleet Thin 

Stay away from the bunch formations. Stay away from the two tight-end sets. Mac Jones, at least to my eyes, looks more comfortable when Josh spreads his opposition out and he has time to scan the field and space to work with. Yes you can do this and establish the running game early. So don’t even try it with me. 

That’s it, my rabid readers. The Pats do have a snowball’s chance in hell of sinking the Red-October. But they need to be smart, they need to be precise, they need a break or four. To this point the Pats have not been getting any of these of late, let’s hope Karma is on the Pats side Sunday Night. 

As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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