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Patriots Finally Move On From N’Keal Harry

Wow you look trim, no really you look like you lost 220 lbs. Oh sorry i wasn’t talking to you. You always look great. I was talking to the Patriots depth chart. After more than a year of trying to move N’Keal Harry Bill Belichick finally realized he wasn’t getting squat back for the disgruntled – uninspired – underachieving wide out. And pulled the trigger on a deal with Da’Bears for a 7th round pick in 2023. A lengthy fall from the 32nd pick in the 2019 Draft. 

WRs picked after N'Keal Harry (32nd overall) in 2019 NFL draft 🤯 -Deebo Samuel (36) -A.J. Brown (51) -Mecole Hardman (56) -DK Metcalf (64) -Diontae Johnson (66) -Terry McLaurin (76) -Hunter Renfrow (149) — B/R Gridiron (@brgridiron) July 12, 2022

The Way Back Machine

On that fateful night in 2019 I can remember sitting on the edge of my seat. I knew in my heart the Pats were going to pull the trigger on a first round wide receiver. And one of my and my One Patriots Place partner Steve Balestrieri favorite wideouts Debo Samuel was still on the board. Yea my wife never liked the wall that divided my kitchen and dining room anyway. After the shock wore off and I looked at more of Harry’s tape I calmed down and decided to give the young man a shot. And like many I liked what I saw. A big outside threat that could work in the slot, go up after contested balls and used his body well enough to make up for the lack of separation he was getting at Arizona State. The thing I forgot was. Arizona State plays in the Pac 12 . and they don’t play defense in the Pac 12. 

Regardless if N’Keal Harry is going to be released by the Patriots, or people think he was a disappointment/bust, there is still no need to be mean or rude, or personally attack him. N’Keal Harry is an actual human being, not a video game character. — Dan Kelley (@DanKelley66) July 12, 2022

For two seasons I defended this prick, i mean pick. In Harry’s rookie year he was stuck with a quarterback (Tom Brady) that refused to throw him the ball. In his sophomore season he was stuck with a quarterback who couldn’t throw him the ball (Cam Newton). In his third year ? In his third year his agent had alienated him from Bill and  the team by publicly demanding a trade and landing his client in Belichick’ dog house. Combine that with his huge fragile frame ? ( Three stints on the Injured List )  And It was over for Harry here in New England. 

The Patriots traded N’Keal Harry — HangTime (@HanginHeadlines) July 14, 2022

Harry is still just 24. He still has time to have a productive career. He has time to change the narrative that Bill Can’t Draft wide Receivers too Bill can’t develop wide Receivers. Both statements are untrue by the way. I vividly remember Harry in tears on draft night crying that he had been drafted by the Patriots, happy he was going to get to play with Brady and for Belichick. It just didn’t work out. It was the right place at the wrong time for Harry here in New England. 

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