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Patriots 7-Round Mock with Trades

This was a lot of fun. I draft for only the Patriots, some situations came up where guys were on the board that other teams have a strong need for these positions. My objective: OL, WR, and CB help. I've said it before, you need to protect, stay on the field on 3rd down on offense and have the ability to cover against these strong passing games in the conference.

I'm sitting at #14 and a need falls to a team behind me. The team is Tampa Bay, they offer #19 and #50 overall for picks #14 and #107. I gladly accept. The OT and CB I'm interested in at the point are gone.

I'm sitting at #19 and a top-tier WR is on the board. Brian Daboll and the Giants call to move up. They need a #1 guy. Offer #25 and #57 for #19 and #135. Absolutely.

I'm at #25 and an OT from Georgia is available. I start getting some flashbacks, is he even really an OT. He may have some versatility but Cincinnati needs help along the front. Trade is #25 and #76 for #28 and #60.

With the 28th pick, The New England Patriots select Zay Flowers (WR) at Boston College

This is an explosive athlete with the ability to line up all over the Offense. His YAC with the ball in his hand is something desperately needed. His ability to set up defenders and ball adjustment is great. Trading out of #25 was tough but the Giants went with a bigger body.

Pick # 50 is up. I've got some good intel on a player from our new offensive coach Adrian Klemm. He tells me that Noah Sewell is tough like his brother, was a team leader, and really made things tough in practice.

With the #50 pick, the New England Patriots select Noah Sewell (LB) Oregon

Pick # 60 is up. Bill O'Brien was brought in to get this offense moving. We've let some WR walk in free agency along with some tough cuts. At the Shrine Bowl, the team wanted to work with "scat backs" and more explosion. In 2013, the team was in this spot and drafted heavily at WR. The 10-year anniversary is better.

With the 60th pick, The New England Patriots select Rashee Rice (WR) SMU. Shocker, yes. We've built up some good picks to fill our other needs with guys we have a high grade on. Just watch Rice put his foot in the ground once and turn a defender. The team has two young, explosive players that can play inside and outside.

#82 is up. Time to fortify the line so these explosive guys can get open. We lost Trent Brown and Wynn in free agency. Cajuste didn't pan out. Keep an eye on Steuber. It's time to stock up with tough, athletic guys who hold blocks and can get in front on the screen to our new athletic WR's.

Jaelyn Duncan (OT) Maryland is the pick.

Hey Nick, it's Bill. Tell me what you saw playing against him and what he was like on the team. Nick gives great intel on the player that we've watched. Do you really call him pick-6 Ricks?

Pick #87, the Patriots select Eli Ricks (CB) Alabama

Day 3, where Championships are won

Pick # 117 is up.

Nick is asked the same question. I'm looking at this player as a RT or backup Swing OT. I saw improvement with better coaching.

Pick #117- Tyler Steen (OT) Alabama

It's time to call another coaching friend, this time at Illinois. They had a set of twins, they will both play in the league. This is the Offensive player. He reminds me so much of James White in the way he sets up his routes and on the wheel route (OH MERCY)

Pick #135 Chase Brown (RB) Illinois

The Shrine Bowl was very productive and a picture of Bill working with a certain EDGE player got people going. (Buddy from E2G Sports had it before the Shrine bowl). It was on field, character and what happened at Florida. Competitive, feisty, and doesn't just play on the EDGE but with one.

Pick #160 Brenton Cox JR (EDGE) Florida

Injuries have hurt the stock of this guy. We got to meet him at the East-West Shrine game. Hard worker, versatile and intelligent. A great guy to have on your roster who can play 4 spots.

Pick #181 Jaxson Kirkland (OT) Washington

Party like its the early 2010's. Back to Rutgers for a physical CB.

Pick #184 Max Melton (CB) Rutgers

At the East-West shrine, we loved coaching this guy. He absorbed info and was a defensive leader.

Pick #187 Drake Thomas (LB) NC State

Bad weather kicking is important on not just field goals but kickoffs. The end of the season was unacceptable. East-West shrine helped us fall in love. We have our new kicker

Pick #192 Jake Moody (K) Michigan

You should draft a QB every year no matter the situation. Green Bay turned this into assets in the '90s. Strong arm, a respected leader who will grasp the Offense quickly.

Pick #210 Clayton Tune (QB) Houston

At this point of the draft, teams are working the phone heavily. Trades get made for this reason. The potential undrafted free agents are being courted by all 32 teams. These teams see something in them to want to get a better look and see if it's a fit. They may be just camp guys, practice squad guys or the surprises fans talk about at camp. If the situation gets heavy with other teams involved, you secure them with a draft pick. Ask the Saints.

Pick #259 Noah Gindorff (TE) North Dakota St

As Murph would say, any grief, questions, or debate @e2gfounder or @e2gsports on Twitter.

Side note: Thank you for the kind words, texts and concern. I'm coming out the other side of things better and am really looking at late next week to be back in the full go mode. Much love to all.


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