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Monster Keys to Patriots Lions

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

These Lions have Claws people. Detroit comes to Foxboro Sunday with their league leading offense doling out 35 points per game. What on earth is the hoodie and company going to do ? Well, I'll tell you . It's time to get old school, it's time to punch the bully in the face, it's time to send the Lions back to Detroit with their tails tucked between their legs. Here are my monster keys to Patriots victory.

Exit the Zone

None, Zero, Nada. Zone coverage this week is out the window. It's a mano a mano ( yes that's the way you spell it not with an E ) kind of day at Gillette people. One of the biggest reasons the Lions have been so deathly good at running the ball this season is their play action game. Get into Man and you eliminate some of the play action bite.

Old School

The Lions average more than six yards per carry. Single High Safety Time. Load up the box old school 4-3 defense and dare them to throw the ball outside the sticks. Amon-Ra St. Brown is trending in the wrong direction health wise and has missed 5 straight practices. He looks iffy to make the trip Quintez Cephus is also banged up. Sell out to stop the run. Don't Lose Hockenson , yes Mr. Dugger I'm talking to you .

The Weeklies

Win the Turnover Battle – Last week they almost did enough.

Own Third Down – 2 -11 on third down does not get it done. I expect better this week with Jacoby Myers back

Limit the Laundry – I can't handle this level of stupid , Sit Wynn

Control Tempo – Zapee has had a week of number one reps. Loosen the leash. I’m not saying no huddle but he can handle some up-tempo

Power Up not Down

The Power run game was used perfectly last week. Until you went away from it. No one loves Damien Harris as much as I do. but power up means more Rhamondre. When Stevenson is in the game the defense has to think constantly. Trust me he will look Fantastic. Let Harris spell him but ride Rhamondre.

More Play Action More Points

Detroit plays downhill at 100 MPH. Make no mistake, this is a run first week again. but mix in more play-action into your game plan Matt. Make the Lions aggressiveness work to your advantage and exploit the seams.

That's it, my rabid readers. Even with a third string QB I expect this team to put up numbers and shut down theirs. Time to start the climb back to .500

As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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