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One Week until the Draft- Thoughts from the Founder

One Week until the NFL Draft, is the 3-day event that captures the attention of the World amid other sports in season.

-I Will be stunned if Anthony Richardson is not the #1 pick.

-Jalen Carter is the best player in this Draft, I see Pete Carroll at #5 as someone who would take a chance on him. I can't imagine he gets past the Falcons at #8.

-I still feel the Colts are in play for Lamar Jackson, it's them or the 2010 Logan Markins reluctantly back to the Ravens at some point.

-Zay Flowers is WR1. He's a weapon in so many ways and can score from anywhere on the field. Another WR not to sleep on, Rashee Rice. I love the way he turns defenders.

-If this were the Mid-90s, Bijan Robinson would be going #1 overall. In baseball we remember by bullpen by committee (2003 Red Sox). Now it's a group unless you're Derrick Henry. Some names you'll hear most likely on Day 3 that will have an impact early: Mohamed Ibraham, Deuce Vaughn, Evan Hull, and Chase Brown.

-The Tight End class is so interesting. I don't think Mayer is the first TE off the board. I'm looking at you Green Bay and Washington at #15 and #16 respectively. My feel: Darnell Washington to the Packers at #15.

-The Corner class is stacked. We hear a lot about Gonzalez, Witherspoon, and Porter at the top. Day two could be a big day for the position. Julius Brents, Emmanuel Forbes, Darius Rush, Clark Phillips III and Eli Ricks are all sub-package starters.

I'll be back with more thoughts.


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