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On the Hill for Boston: Bello , Bryan Bello 

Confirmed from the man himself, Brayan Bello has been informed he’s starting for the Red Sox Wednesday — Katie Morrison (@KatieMo61) July 5, 2022

Brian Bello is set to make his MLB debut tonight when the Red Sox take the field against division rival Tampa. I’m just not quite sure why. Yes, young Bello ( BAY-oh ) has impressed in 2022. In six starts in AA Portland he put up a 1.60 ERA. But as Portland isn’t allowed to have nice things the powers that be Bloom sent him to AAA Worcester ( Wistah, Woostah ) where he too has impressed. In eight starts and 51 ⅓ innings he is 6-2 with a 2.18 ERA with 72 strikeouts and just 22 walks. You do the Math, I’m not doing the math.. Not just impressive . Most impressive 

Fresh off a no-hitter last time out, @RedSox No. 4 prospect Brayan Bello was nasty again for @PortlandSeaDogs — MLB Pipeline (@MLBPipeline) May 12, 2022

So Why Am i wondering

Jesus Murph you’re a hard ass. I can hear you thinking it , Bello is a stud, get him up here. Well a start in July versus a divisional rival in a race as close as this one gives me pause. Yes I understand: Eovadi – Whitlock and Hill are shelved. But this feels like a rush to me. This isn’t a spot to have a rookie make his Major League debut. This team hasn’t won a series vs an AL East opponent all year , This isn’t the spot for Bloom to show off his development of young arms. This makes zero sense to me ….. With Chris Sale set to make another rehab start for the WooSox. 

Chris Sale can't get here fast enough.#RedSox — Obnoxious Boston Fan (@realOBF) June 29, 2022

But – But – But Nothing 

“If they told me I was starting 5 days from now I wouldn’t flinch… I would be ecstatic for that” Chris Sale lets it be known post game that he’s ready whenever Cora needs him — WEEI Red Sox Network (@SoxBooth) July 1, 2022

Sale is not rehabbing his Tommy John repaired elbow .

He isn’t coming back from shoulder issues or UCL tightness. He doesn’t even have hemorrhoids. He Fractured a Rib , A RIB. and he did it In February. Oh look more math. A fractured rib should take no more than six to eight weeks to heal up. ( I’m Not a Doctor But I Play One in Golf )  Here we are Six months out and Bloom wants him to get one more start in AAA ? When the Sox are in the deepest part of their jungle schedule ? It makes no sense. None – Zero – Nada. For WHAT ? to give the Blooming Onions a chance to kiss his feet ? No matter the outcome tonight ( It wont be good) this was an unneeded move by the sox front office. Sale should be on the hill tonight. And every five days after , No If’s Ands or Buts. MLB batters are not AA or AAA Hitters, 

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