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Nothing to see here: Just Shohei doing Ohtani Things. Again

Last night as I jumped into my car to get home from a ballgame. The radio blasted me in the face with a Red Sox on the trailing end of 9-1score . How to suck the life out of a guy huh? The Sox went on to lose that same game 10-1. But hey, Triston Casas had three singles. Alert the trolls. By the time I’d gotten home I was looking for anything to resuscitate my baseball heart. Enter Shohei Ohtani. Whose Angels won 4-1

Watching Ohtani was like a shot of adrenaline. Almost immediately my heart began to beat at a just above normal rate. For the first time in his Angel's life Ohatani had gone yard twice in the same game he was on the mound. I was actually shocked at that stat. After hitting solo shots in the first and seventh inning Shohei retook his place atop MLB with 28 home runs. and RBI 64. Add on top of that his outing from the hill you have to wonder. If he sat down today would he still be handed the MVP come November? I know it's a stretch but work with me here people.

Ohtani ( 7-3 ) went 6 ⅓ struck out ten or more for the sixth time in 16 starts. Scattered 4 hits and gave up one earned run before being pulled for a cracked fingernail he’s been dealing with for weeks. But talked his way into staying in the game to hit. Hence the 7th inning round tripper and why we are all here. His 3-3 night put his batting average at .304, his six plus inning on the hill lowered his ERA to 3.02. What this man is doing in 2023 is ungodly good. Opponents are batting .180 against him that leads all of MLB and he’s third in strikeouts with 127 in 95 innings on the mound.

MVP - Cy Young, when it's all over in 2023 we may have to invent an award for this kind of a season. Until then it's Christmas eve for every team’s fan base, not called the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and Orange county California. We all sleep with visions of Ohtani dancing in our uniforms. By the way Mike Trout had the night off. No one noticed.

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