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No Canada for Red Sox Nick Pivetta

Canada and The World Baseball Classic will have to go on without Red Sox starter Nick Pivetta. And that's a shame. Pivetta Called it “A really difficult decision” …

Pivetta pitched for Team Canada back in the last WBC in 2017 the same year he first stepped on an MLB mound. And was really looking forward to representing his Country in this year's tournament. He spoke to Chris Cotillo Of Mass Live and reporters in Fort Myers

“It's a really difficult decision,” Pivetta said. “I got the opportunity to play for Team Canada from a very young age. And then I got to play for them in the WBC. That was really important for me. Unfortunately, I haven’t been recovering the way I like to. The team and I came to an (agreement) and an understanding that I have to focus here and what I need to do here for this team right now.”

“It’s unfortunate,” he added. “I take great pride in playing for that team and playing for that country.”

Pivetta was hit with covid just before camp opened and has been struggling to find his feet since. A story we have all become sorely familiar with over the past few seasons. Pivetta realizes that his focus has to be on not only his health but on his day Job. ( the most reliable pitcher on the red sox roster) and he sees no reason this bout of covid ( his third ) will keep him from breaking camp and being ready for the season opener March 30th against the Orioles.

After making 33 starts last year (leading the team tied for MLB lead ) and setting a career high in innings pitched 179 ⅔ the sox are going to need him to be at his best and brightest before they break camp and head north. With a starting rotation that is as old and fragile as the one Red Sox have put together to open 2023. It's paramount that Pivetta is clicking on all cylinders. The Sox need to get off to a good start this year if they want to wash out the taste of 2022. A Healthy Nick Pivetta in the middle of this rotation is an important key to that happening.

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