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NL East Weekend Recap 9/5

The Mets lead has shrunk to just a one game lead in the NL East. To say Mets fans are concerned would be an understatement. Atlanta took advantage of poor performances this weekend by their other division foes. Philadelphia coming into this week, holds onto the final wildcard spot by 2 ½ games. With just five weeks left, October baseball’s anticipation is growing daily! 

New York Mets (85-50) 

Things we love to see: This. — New York Mets (@Mets) September 4, 2022

9/2 Vs. Washington (W 7-3) 

9/3 Vs. Washington (L 7-1)   

9/4 Vs. Washington (L 7-1) 

After opening up the weekend with a solid win for Friday, The Mets dropped the final two games embarrassingly. Max Scherzer struggled at times on Saturday against his old team. Sunday’sSunday’s starter, Carlos Carrasco, left the game early, and Washington took advantage of it. This week, the New York Mets will need to play better.  

Atlanta Braves (84-51) 

Break out the brooms! 🧹#ForTheA — Atlanta Braves (@Braves) September 4, 2022

9/2 Vs. Miami (W 5-1)

9/3 Vs. Miami (W 2-1)

9/4 Vs. Miami (W 7-1)

Atlanta overall had a fantastic weekend. Sweeping the Miami Marlins does not deserve more than a “nice job, kid.” Taking care of business in September is what championship teams do, and the Braves are one of those teams. Holding Miami to just three runs total this series was crucial to their success. Atlanta has proved to be a great team. Now it’s time for them to take over the NL East.   

Philadelphia Phillies (73-61) 

J.T. stands for Just Tied this baby up!#RingTheBell — Philadelphia Phillies (@Phillies) September 4, 2022

9/2 @ SF Giants (L 13-1)  

9/3 @ SF Giants (L 5-4)

9/4 @ SF Giants (L 5-3) 

In the thick of a wildcard race, the Phillies did not help themselves by getting swept this weekend. Lucky for them, the team behind them, Milwaukee, did not have much success either. The starting pitching staff recently has become a weakness for this team. Philadelphia fans don’t want to go another year without making the playoffs, essentially now or never.   

Miami Marlins (55-78) 

Sazón included. — Miami Marlins (@Marlins) September 4, 2022

9/2 @ Atlanta (L 7-3)

9/3 @ Atlanta (L 2-1) 

9/4 @ Atlanta (L 7-1) 

1-9 in their last ten games, the Miami Marlins will play out the final five weeks of the regular season. The combination of offensive woes and bad pitching is one of the many reasons this team is unsuccessful. Atlanta has had their number this year and has shown the most crucial in-the-box score.  

Thanks for joining in our celebration — Washington Nationals (@Nationals) September 5, 2022

9/2 @ Mets (L 7-3)  

9/3 @ Mets (W 7-1) 

9/4 @ Mets (W 7-1) 

A series victory against the Mets? The Mets!!! Washington Nationals fans must enjoy the completeness they’ve seen out of this team. Former Nationals pitcher Matt Scherzer sat in the dugout on Saturday and watched his former team tee off on his teammates. September baseball might not mean much to the fans, but the players in this organization have a lot of pride.

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