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NL East Weekend Recap 9/12

What happened to the Mets? After dominating the division all year long, Atlanta has stormed back. Last week, Atlanta was tied with New York for the division lead. This month of September has been quite friendly to Atlanta. Both Philadelphia and New York have slumped, which has given the Braves chances to untimely win their division. Buckle up, everyone, the final three weeks of the regular season will be exciting! 

New York Mets (89-52) 

Pick a mood. 😂 — New York Mets (@Mets) September 12, 2022

9/9 @ Marlins (L 6-3)

9/10 @ Marlins (W 11-3)  

9/11 @ Marlins (W 9-3) 

After dropping the opening game of the weekend series, the Mets bounced back by winning back-to-back games. When this team hits, it makes them almost unbeatable with how good their pitching staff is. Notice the word “unbeatable”; that’s the attitude they’ll need to take come October.   

Atlanta Braves (87-53) 

We were down 4 runs with 2 outs in the 9th. Update: — Atlanta Braves (@Braves) September 11, 2022

9/9 @ Seattle (W 6-4)  

9/10 @ Seattle (L 3-1)   

9/11 @ Seattle (L 8-7)   

Atlanta’s plane flight to San Francisco must not have been pleasant. Sunday’s loss was crushing after coming back late in the game, then finding a way to lose late is not what the doctor ordered in Seattle. On the Brightside, taking care of business in September against subpar teams is what championship teams do, and the Braves are one of those teams. Atlanta has proved to be a great team. Now it’s time for them to take over the NL East.   

Philadelphia Phillies (78-62) 

457 feet. That truly is a Schwarbomb.#RingTheBell x @FTX_Official — Philadelphia Phillies (@Phillies) September 12, 2022

9/9 Vs. Washington (W 5-3)

9/10 Vs. Washington (W 8-5)

9/11 Vs. Washington (W 7-5)  

I just stated that championship teams take care of business in September, are the Phillies one of those teams? Now, let’s not get ahead of yourselves. Philadelphia continues to hold onto a wildcard spot and has no interest in letting it slip away. Sweeps like this will widen their lead, as they now sit in the second wildcard spot. With the season’s final three weeks ahead of us, what kind of Phillies team are we going to see? The easy answer would be that we will all have to see.  

Miami Marlins (57-83) 

1️⃣ game and 2️⃣ home runs!!! — Miami Marlins (@Marlins) September 11, 2022

9/9 Vs. Mets (W 6-3)

9/10 Vs. Mets (L 11-3)  

9/11 Vs. Mets (L 9-3) 

The record and scoreboard don’t show it, but the Marlins have played their division foes extremely tough in September. Unfortunately for Miami, all that matters is the final score. After the first game of this series, the Mets were too much for the Marlins. 

Washington Nationals (49-92) 

Lane Thomas in 171 games as a Washington National: 22 HRs 86 runs 76 RBI 117 OPS+ 110 wRC+ All aboard the Lane Train. 🍎 // 🔊 // — Washington Nationals (@Nationals) September 12, 2022

9/9 @ Phillies (L 5-3)  

9/10 @ Phillies (L 8-5)  

9/11 @ Phillies (L 7-5) 

Marlins fans wish they didn’t have to see the Phillies after what happened to them. Getting swept is no fun. 2023 is on the mind of the Nations organization. Unfortunately, in 2022, Washington has not had much success. One of the few bright spots this season has been Lane Thomas. He will be a crucial player in the Nationals rebuild.  

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