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NL East Weekend Recap 8/21

The Atlanta Braves, at the end of this week, did not make up much ground in hopes of winning the division. New York Mets fans breathed a sigh of relief after a playoff-like series against Atlanta. Philadelphia once again squandered an opportunity to win a series against New York. With about six weeks left in the regular season, the National League playoff picture is heating up!  

New York Mets (79-44) 

Gonna remember this one! #LGM — New York Mets (@Mets) August 21, 2022

8/19 @ Phillies (W 7-2) 

8/20 @ Phillies (W 8-2) 

8/21 @ Phillies (W 10-9) 

Sweeping a division rival is sweeter than apple pie. After struggling in Atlanta, the Mets brought an offensive jolt they needed desperately. A four-game lead in the division is nice, but New York hopes to widen their lead by the end of next week. The combination of deGrom and Scherzer will be a “must” come October.  

Atlanta Braves (75-48) 

Mighty Matt 💪#ForTheA | @mattolson21 — Atlanta Braves (@Braves) August 21, 2022

8/19 Vs. Houston (W 6-2) 

8/20 Vs. Houston (W 5-4 11) 

8/21 Vs. Houston (L 5-4) 

Atlanta overall had an impressive week. Hosting the Mets and Astors was no easy task, but they handled it like a “Championship team.” That is what this team is. Aren’t they the defending champs? Atlanta will be in the playoffs, and they sure would like it to be as NL East champs! 

Philadelphia Phillies (66-55) 

8/19 Vs. NY Mets (L7-2)  

8/20 Vs. NY Mets (L 8-2) 

8/21 Vs. NY Mets (L 10-9) 

In the thick of a wildcard race, the Phillies did not help themselves by getting swept this weekend. Lucky for them, all the other teams behind them decided to “take it easy on them.” The starting pitching staff recently has become a weakness for this team. Philadelphia fans don’t want to go another year without making the playoffs, essentially now or never.   

Miami Marlins (52-69) 

8/19 @ LA Dodgers (L2-1)

8/20 @ LA Dodgers (L 7-0) 

8/21 @ LA Dodgers (L 10-3) 

2-8 in their last ten games, the Miami Marlins will play out the final six weeks of the regular season. The combination of offensive woes and bad pitching is one of the many reasons this team is unsuccessful.  Sandy Alcantara and Jazz Chisholm are the two guys this organization is bulding around.  

Washington Nationals (41-82) 

8/18 @ Padres (W 3-1)

8/19 @ Padres (W6-3) 

8/20 @ Padres (L 2-1) 

8/21 @ Padres (L 2-1 ) 

A split against the Padres? The San Diego Padres!!! Washington Nationals fans must enjoy the completeness they’ve seen out of this team. Juan Soto must be happy because he doesn’t have to see his former team until next year. Washington could be the team to ruin multiple teams’ hopes of October Glory.

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