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Nike Lebron 20 is special!

Lebron James is one of the greatest players of all time. In my opinion the greatest player of his generation.

When Lebron retires, his face will be on the Mount Rushmore of the NBA. The global phenomenon we all know as “King James” is a 4-time NBA Champion who appeared in 10 finals. He has won MVPs of the league and is the all-time leader in points in the NBA playoffs. Lebron tallies Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA’s all-time leading scorer by 1,440 points. Kareem 38,387 points and Lebron 36,947.

So it’s safe to say if Lebron can stay healthy this season he will wear the crown as the league’s best scorer. A crown that fits him just right.

The #goat dominant “basketball career” @kaj33 dominated at every level grade school #highschool #college #NBA @KingJames chasing his all time #nba scoring record and statistical dominance. Let it be known #facts only no opinions please. — Isiah Thomas (@IsiahThomas) January 14, 2022

So how is Lebron approaching his 20th season still able to dominate at a high level? It comes from a mixture of God-giving talent, a relentless work ethic, eating properly, and oh! you can’t forget his shoes. A shoe going into his 20th season debuted by his two sons Bronny and Bryce.

A lifetime commitment

A huge part of Lebron’s legacy comes from his shoes. At 18 years old he signed a record-setting shoe deal with Nike worth 90 million dollars. It is the biggest rookie shoe deal in NBA history. And this before he ever played a game in the NBA.

"I'M A NIKE GUY" 19 years ago today, 18-year-old LeBron James signed a 7-year, $87 million deal with Nike. Reebok reportedly offered $115 million & Adidas offered less than $60 million! — (@Ballislife) May 22, 2022

What has Lebron done since then? Well in 2015 he signed a lifetime deal with the apparel juggernaut Nike. It makes him the first Nike athlete to sign a lifetime deal.

The evolution of James shoes is something we can all marvel at since the superstar first laced up his Nike signature shoe in 2003. James’ shoes have become a fan favorite everywhere and the numbers back it up. In 2015, James’ shoes were top sellers. According to SportsScaninfo, Nike sold 340 million dollars in James’ branded sneakers. And once again in 2017, where his signature shoes were the best seller among all NBA players.

The new Nike Lebron signature shoe

This brings me to his latest shoe. The start of his 20th season is near. Lebron will be debuting his new latest signature shoe Nike Lebron 20.

Ce coloris de la Nike LeBron 20 🥰🥰 — La Chasuble 🏀 (@lachasuble_fr) August 16, 2022

It appears Lebron has gone with a different approach and not the normal bulky-looking high-cut sneaker. More so, Lebron shoes resemble the Kobe 4 and 5’s. As a Los Angeles Laker maybe that was the angle Lebron was going for as a tribute to the late great Kobe Bryant. Whatever the case may be, Twitter blew up over a sneak peek of the Lebron 20.

first shoe of his i’ve genuinely liked since the 4’s tbh — naim (@nyeem0) June 27, 2022

Yea these gon have to get copped 😂 — Dev (@everydaything_) July 17, 2022

HEAT🤧 — tony (@itstonyjdavis) June 28, 2022

A priceless moment for the James family

Lebron’s sons Bronny and Bryce were able to debut another Lebron 20 while playing in Europe. The young kids wore a brown, light green, and pink colorway. The highlight of the night is when Lebron’s oldest son Bronny went viral posterizing a French player. The entire gym went crazy! Lebron even tweeted about it writing “OH MY GOODNESS BRONNY”. What a way to introduce your father’s signature shoe with a priceless moment.

🤴🏾 — LeBron James (@KingJames) August 15, 2022

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