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NFL Draft- Buddy’s Top 5 Off the ball LB Prospects

The league has turned to Linebackers that are more athletic, with the ability to contribute heavily in coverage while being run, supporters.  I look at a team like Buffalo that Tremaine Edmunds and Matt Milano in sub/package sets.  This is the way NFL teams should be evolving at the linebacker position.  These guys can also contribute to the blitz game.  Here are my Top 5 prospects as of today.

  1. Nakobe Dean (Georgia) Speed, power, play-making, solid tackling, and leadership.  He can fit in any scheme but if he has some Big Defensive Lineman to keep O-Lineman off him, the sky is the limit.  Should be 1st LB off the board with a Devin White type Top 5 pick to the right team not out of the questions, His lack of size could scare off some but not me.

2) Devin Lloyd (Utah) Great leadership, bring the wood, solid Blitzer, and clutch moment playmaker.  He could be a 2-down inside guy and rusher on 3rd from various points. Lloyd personifies the new generation Linebacker.

3) Damone Clark (LSU)-Tackle machine, intense leader, non-stop motor, and always around the ball in big moments.  if he could tackle more consistently he would be ranked even higher

4) Darrian Beavers (Cincinnati) Big, an athletic freak.  He’s played at all 3 levels with no dip in play.  I get an Anthony Barr feeling with Beavers. A RPO Monster set to take on the new generation of Quarterbacks and Coordinators

5) Finally Troy Andersen (Montana St) Smaller school stud who takes on blockers as well as any LB in this class.  Physical, athletic, and has great size.  He saved his big moments for the title game run for the Bobcats. Wildcat QB too.

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