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New Era dragged for MLB  “Local Market” designs 

Finally, cancel culture I can get behind. New Era Hat company unveiled and un-unveiled a new series of MLB caps today, in the hottest second in fashion history. The Hats dubbed “Local Market “ hit the interwebs for all thirty teams and all thirty fanbases simultaneously spit their coffee across their laptops, smartphones, and desktops.

Wives threatened to not sleep with their husbands if they saw them in these new flat brims. Parents snatched debit cards from foolish teens. Simultaneously less-foolish teens ran to their parents to declare if you buy this I’m moving to Mars

Local flavor…

The Hats are embossed as usual with every MLB team’s logo. But also covered from back to front, side to side, top to bottom, and maybe underneath (no one got a long enough look to see) with local area codes and decals of local sights and flavors. Tacos on all the California hats,  a wheel of cheese decorated the Brewers, and a Lobster Roll adorned the back of the Red Sox Cap. I think I saw a deep-dish pizza on the Cubs. 

it’s unnecessary. there’s no reason for this. 😭 — brianna pirre (@bsp_13) May 25, 2021

Twitter New Era focus group

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so what are a thousand Tweets worth?

Online ridicule from baseball fans apparently prompts New Era to pull its "Local Market" line of caps. — Sun-Times Sports (@suntimes_sports) May 26, 2021

New Era has killed the "Local Market" MLB cap collection, saved countless Phillies' fans eyes from bleeding #RingTheBell @wolvesofbroadst | @ryanconway76 — The Liberty Line (@LibertyLinePHL) May 26, 2021

A memorial for the now-legendary New Era ‘Local Market’ caps, gone too soon — The Athletic Dallas (@TheAthleticDFW) May 26, 2021

Credit where it’s due

Now someone at New Era gave the go-ahead on this line – someone who has probably been banished along with their red stapler to the basement of their corporate offices but, at least New Era was smart enough to see their mistake and remove them from their website before it turned into the Ford Edsel.

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