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New England Patriots showing off their Asiasi 

As a first-year tight end, Devin Asiasi did not come as advertised, the UCLA product caught a mere two passes in the nine games he wasn’t scratched for in 2020 and a lackluster showing this preseason wasn’t helping his cause with New England Patriots fans. Then Sunday night happened. Devin grabbed all four passes thrown his way for sixty-four yards. He even flashed some of the Yac-ability we all fell in love with while he was beating up the Pac-12. And now he and Jones look to be on the same page.

Mac Jones throwing people open like a vet. 😳 — Jim Nagy (@JimNagy_SB) August 29, 2021

No Mistakes Admitted to 

When Bill went hard after the top two tight ends in free agency this past offseason, inking Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry, most of the talking heads in this town lambasted him for once again swinging and missing in the draft. Last night’s performance may slap these idions (an Idion is a part idiot part moron) back to reality. Asiasi is a man of considerable skills – skills that sometimes take a bit of re-tuning as they are taken to the next level. Skills that may take a bit more time to show up than he had been awarded with the limits of the 2020 preseason schedule hanging around his neck. And starting this season on the COVID list. 

Belichick had a few words

Bill Belichick noted in his postgame presser after the game. “Once he’s been able to participate, he’s definitely made good progress. There was a period of time there at the beginning where he wasn’t able to practice,” Bill Belichick said. “But he’s gained ground. He still has a long way to go. I’m sure there were some good things tonight and probably a couple of things he needs to work on. That’s true of everybody. Good to see him make a couple of big catches.” 

Asiasi seemed to echo his coaches thoughts when he talked to the press 

“Just reacting,” Devin Asiasi says when asked about his twisting reception on a back-shoulder, downfield pass from Mac Jones. Says he’s working to be “reliable” for the @Patriots coaches. “I just know if the ball is in the air, I have to be ready for it.” — Bob Socci (@BobSocci) August 30, 2021

“It felt good to get out there, get those reps, a couple catches. There’s definitely still some more room for improvement out there, for sure. But I think it’s something to build off going into the season,” he said. “I think every week is a step forward, just getting reps on the practice field and during game day, as well. Every week I’m looking to take a step forward in my game, become more reliable to my coaches and then just stepping out there and do what I know I can do, so it feels good.”

Sounds to this writer as the young Tight Ends confidence is growing.

Devin Asiasi needed a game like this. Wasn't an overly impressive camp for him after his delayed start, but he's been very involved in this game. Three catches for 58 yards so far. — Zack Cox (@ZackCoxNESN) August 30, 2021

With Hunter Henry still sidelined and Jonnu Smith seeing a very limited amount of snaps, young Devin was called upon and answered that call. Maybe, just maybe he showed those Idions in the booths he can be a reliable piece to this New England Patriots puzzle. 

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Featured Image via Stew Milne/Associated Press

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