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New England Cuts Gilmore Patriots Nation Wakes Up to shocking News

In a move that shocked the world. The New England Patriots announced the release of All-Pro and 2019 defensive player of the year Stephon Gilmore this morning. New England who normally operate in season with between seven and nine million dollars in cap space were up against it with just $54,000 in cap space. That Number is under debate. But Miguel Benzan has the Patriots new cap number at close to 8.7 million.

By my quick accounting, the Patriots created $5,790,850 in cap space by releasing Stephon Gilmore. My new Patriots salary cap space number is $8,614,769 which is more than enough to operate for the rest of the season and extend a player like J.C. Jackson. — Miguel Benzan Patriots Cap Space equals 8,614,769 (@patscap) October 6, 2021

Speculation is rampant in the press rooms around New England at the moment. But sometimes the easiest answer is the one you should go with. In my opinion that answer is Gilmore and the Patriots couldn’t come to a new agreement on an extension of his currant deal. And were afraid they wouldn’t get his best when he was eligible to come off IR after week six. Some are asking why the Patriots didn’t deal Gilmore to the highest bidder. Obviously the bids were not there. although a deal could be struck to move Gilmore before the release becomes official at 4PM eastern. Hell maybe bill did this to keep the Red Sox from being todays top story.

The market for Stephon Gilmore, the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2019, is expected to be robust. Multiple teams are expected to be interested, and the 31-year-old Gilmore should be recovered from his quad injury in the coming weeks. — Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) October 6, 2021

Defense Playing Well

There is no doubt that the New England defensive backfield is playing at a high level at the moment, Still I like many more learned individuals are left scratching their heads to wrap their minds around this thinking. while preforming well this defense would be locked in and locked down with Stephon anchoring one side of the field.

there there will no

The current #Patriots secondary is playing very-very well—to the point they haven’t even needed active the promising new-dude CB Shaun Wade (that they traded for w/ BAL). Still…it’s a reportedly healthy Gilmore. So even w/out need at CB, he’s still, ya know…Stephon GIlmore🤷‍♂️ — Matt Chatham (@chatham58) October 6, 2021

there will be no doubt verbal tussling between the In Bill we Trust and Bill The GM killing Bill the head coach on Facebook and Twitter. Talking heads and pundits will fill the airwaves with this talk for weeks. and in the case of one IDION even years. me im going to go pour another cup of coffee and watch the carnage.

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