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New Documentary on Legend Bruno Sammartino Released

Pittsburgh-based production company HM3 Bruno LLC has announced the release of a 94-minute feature documentary film entitled, “Bruno Sammartino”. This film is the authorized biography of the longest-reigning WWE Champion in history, and HM3 Bruno LLC was established in 2016 with the sole purpose of producing this documentary.

Told through the experiences of Bruno Sammartino and those closest to him. “Bruno Sammartino” presents the legend’s life journey of an immigrant from Italy who became a 2-time WWE Champion and held it for almost 8 years during his first reign. Sammartino is also a former (and was the last) World Wide Wrestling Association (WWWA) World Heavyweight Champion.

The film covers the Sammartino family’s near-death WW2 encounters in their hometown of Pizzoferrato Italy with Nazi-German troops, the excitement of selling-out Madison Square Garden 188 times, and other triumphs and challenges that took place in Bruno Sammartino’s life.

“I’ve had the honor of knowing Bruno and the Sammartino family for over 30 years. This is the story that Bruno wanted to tell the world,” says Larry Richert, the film’s lead Producer and HM3 Bruno LLC Partner. “To be able to capture the details of Bruno’s life story, including the bravery and grace of his mother, and share it with thousands of Bruno Sammartino fans is very gratifying and exciting.”

“Bruno Sammartino” is narrated by Larry Richert and features personal interviews with Sammartino family members and close friends. The film also features emotional comments from Bruno Sammartino’s close friend Arnold Schwarzenegger, who inducted Sammartino into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2013. Schwarzenegger called Sammartino, “The Star of all stars!”

“Bruno Sammartino” is available for purchase or rent from multiple video-on-demand outlets, which include Armstrong, Comcast, iTunes, Apple TV, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, Google Play, Dish Network, Microsoft, Verizon Fios, and others. Amazon Prime Video has also made, “Bruno Sammartino” available for purchase in DVD and Blu-Ray formats. For more information on the film and to view the trailer, visit

Twitter: @HWilliams13

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