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NESN Red Sox Host Tom Caron the New Tiger King !!!

Someone call Netflix. Last night during the Red Sox Marlins game a cat ran onto the field and decided to attack unsuspecting Tom Caron. The Lewiston Maine native used his cunning and guile to avoid bodily harm but nonetheless for a moment there everyone was holding their breath at Roger Dean Stadium. Including Dr Matthew Lopresti until they exhaled in the form of laughter.

The feline menace hit the field in the middle of the seventh, No Ball fours or Strike three’s were called on the batter or pitcher for the paws in the action. Kevin Youkilis and Dave O’Brien got the most out of this situation, teasing TC mercilessly for how he handled the near death experience.

“ This was a Scary Moment for Tom Caron as the cat came right at TC”

“ Tom Caron running for his Life, or his head of hair “

Quipped O'Brien

“TC’s acting like that was a lion coming at him,” he said.” It was a house cat, TC. A house cat!”

Was the best Youk Jab

But Caron, the consummate professional, took it all in stride and kept on reporting, “I’m reporting from the scene of the action here,” Caron told his laughing NESN brethren . “We’ve got a cat that almost found its way into my hair, which would’ve been bad." Haven't you ever seen the Lion King ? Simba was just a little cat in the beginning before turning into a ferocious beast. "

since 1995 we have been blessed with Tom Caron on the NESN airwaves and i hope he sticks around for another 28 or 50 years. The cat was last seen per our Hero headed to the concourse for a brew before last call. You've got to love baseball !!! the sox won by the way 7-2 Corey Kluber pitched 2 scoreless innings and Casas went yard in the victory.

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