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NBA adds Trophy for Team with best Regular Season Record

The NBA has evolved under Adam Silver’s tenure as commissioner. Under his reign, the league has instituted innovations such as the Play-In Tournament and in-game coach’s challenges while introducing more subtle things like the NBA Conference Finals MVP awards and loosening restrictions on coaches’ sideline attire.

There’s now another trophy for NBA teams to chase.

The league announced Tuesday that the team with the best regular season record will now receive The Maurice Podoloff Trophy, named for the first commissioner of the NBA.

Here is a look:

As of now, there isn’t any word on if the award is simply a trophy or if there are some financial gains for the team members who earn the league’s best record.

In the meantime, it’ll be interesting to see if the new reward changes how organizations approach the regular season going forward.

The Boston Celtics currently have the NBA’s best record (20-5)

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