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Nationals Send Juan Soto to San Diego

This years trade deadline had more moves than you could shake a 34′ Louisville slugger at . East went west and west went east and “prospects” you will never hear from again were exchanged for superstars who will never buy you dinner.

Welcome Juan Soto, Josh Bell and Josh Hader to San Diego! @Padres — Don Orsillo (@DonOrsillo) August 2, 2022

The biggest deal of the day was, of course, Juan Soto being dealt along with Josh Bell for a handful plus of players. Robert Hassell III is the top prospect in the deal. an outfielder with the ability to square up any pitch and spray balls to any field. Hassell was the 8th overall pick back in 2020 a ballplayer with a rare power-speed combination. James Wood is a 6-foot-7 center fielder ( Yea no shit Chet No shit 6’7) who sends balls DEEP into the night. Guys this size either become a star like Aaron Judge, or completely bomb and never make it to never mind in the show. The other unique piece is pitcher Jarlin Susana, He was the top pitcher in this past winter’s international signing pool and is already 6’6  225 lbs. at age 18. Maybe the Nationals are going to joint the NBA ? I have no idea.

And of course the Pads get all world Juan Soto . So they win the deal… I remember fondly when the Red Sox used to be in on deals like this. But alas we are just another small market team trying to compete with the likes of San Diego

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