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My Patriots Free Agency wish list

Big Ticket

  1. Orlando Brown (LT) Kansas City- Pay high year one with all the space.

  2. Nasir Adderly (S) LA Chargers- McCourty replacement isn't on the roster. Big money in Year one also.

Needs (OL, WR, DB)

  1. Cody Ford (OL) Arizona- The coaching has been horrible for a guy whose College tape never had him on the ground. First, find a position. Second, coach him up.

  2. Nic Needham (DB) Miami Dolphins- Steal in the division, a guy who got to see Tyreek and Waddle up close every day.

  3. Dane Kruikshank (CB) Chicago Bears- I love having him for ST and depth at CB.

  4. Olabisi Johnson (WR) Minnesota Vikings- It's in the wheelhouse, talent coming off Injury. Let us see what happens with McCardell's interview.

  5. Miles Boykin- His ST play in Pittsburgh, along with measurables that just haven't been transferred to the field.


  1. Travis Homer (RB) Seattle Seahawks- Think Rex Burkhead or Brandon Bolden-type role.

  2. Clelin Ferrell (DL) Las Vegas Raiders- He went 4th overall as a DL who wasn't really a big-time pass rusher but more of a steady eddy on the line. If you're running an odd front, I like him at Defensive End.

  3. Adam Shaheen (TE) Miami Dolphins- I'd love to have him as the 3rd guy who can fill multiple roles.

  4. Blake Cashman (LB) New York Jets- Injuries have been tough on this very athletic LB. He's worth a camp look at the worst.

  5. Jerry Tillery (DL) Las Vegas Raiders- Another 1st rounder that hasn't latched on. He went from the Chargers to Raiders in one season. His tape at Notre Dame is very solid. He's worth brining in for a look.

  6. Justin Hollins (Front 7) Green Bay Packers- A nice jack-of-all-trades player to have on your gameday roster and contribute on Special Teams.

This coupled with my 7-Round Mock, where I listed players who I feel will be gone, and philosophy. I'll talk, soon-to-be old faces, retained players and coaches next.

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