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My Monster MLB Trade Deadline takeaways 

Well, my rabid readers, it was the most aggressive MLB Trade Deadline in over a decade, in fact, ten current All-Stars moved. It is “a day that will live in infamy” at least in the hearts of Cubs and Nationals fans, who saw their teams decimated like a 17th-century farming community in the path of a swarm of locusts. Huge names moved over the weekend. The first three hours alone had me wearing a continuous WTF face that I didn’t know I could still pull off at my age.

In short, we saw the Yankees pull off moves and ask other teams to eat salary. We saw the Jays overpay for a number two starter, even though they started the day almost ten games back. And the Red Sox gave the middle finger to fans of the old town team. Here are my Monster takeaways from Deadline Day.


Los Angeles Dodgers are the BAMF of MLB 

They Love LA: RHP Max Scherzer, SS Trea Turner, LHP Danny Duffy, LF Billy McKinney,

Sent Packing: C Keibert Ruiz, RHP Josiah Gray, RHP Gerardo Carrillo, OF Donovan Casey, RHP Carlos Rincon, PTBNL

The Dodgers ended the day with the best two players to rent U-Haul’s on July 30th. Reminding everyone who the big swinging Richard is on this block. San Fran and San Diego both were in on Max Scherzer, but the Dodgers said “No soup for you” and scooped Max and Turner up keeping them from their rivals. Brilliant day for Big Blue. 

From DC to LA. Welcome to the best coast, Max Scherzer and Trea Turner! — Los Angeles Dodgers (@Dodgers) July 30, 2021

New York Yankees 

Excuse me while I wash my mouth out with scotch. Okay, we’re back. The Yanks made some of the loudest moves of the day but as I said will it really help

In: OF Joey Gallo, 1B Anthony Rizzo, LHP Joely Rodriguez, RHP Clay Holmes, LHP Andrew Heaney, and a dreaded PTBNL.

Out:  OF Kevin Alcantara, RHP Alexander Vizcaino, INF Ezequiel Duran, INF Josh Smith, INF Trevor Hauver, RHP Glenn Otto, LHP Justin Wilson, RHP Luis Cessa, SS Hoy Park, SS Diego Castillo, RHP Janson Junk, RHP Elvis Peguero

To say the Yankees didn’t get better today would be a lie but did they bring in the right people to get them over the hump and into the postseason, time will tell. Adding two sluggers who don’t get on base to a team of sluggers who don’t get on base, seems like a bad plan. What we do know is they gave up a ton to get them. 

New York Mets 

If it was a good day for the Yankees then it was a great day for the Mets. Not only because of what they bought but the fact almost everyone else in the division was selling. 

In: INF Javy Báez, LHP Rich Hill, RHP Trevor Williams, CF Mark Payton, RHP Carlos Rincon

Out: OF Pete Crow-Armstrong, RHP Tommy Hunter, C Matt Dyer, LF Billy McKinney, cash

JAVY BAEZ CRUSHED ONE IN HIS METS DEBUT 🔥 (via @MLB) — SportsCenter (@SportsCenter)