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My Monster Keys to Patriots vs Dolphins 

It’s here Patriots people, finally, the long spring and summer of our discontent is over. If you look out your window as you read this short diatribe you can see the leaves changing and feel the chill in the air. The actual temperature doesn’t matter. Football Season is upon us. 

A week one gift from the football gods. Right out of the gate the Patriots get the Dolphins. Yes, my rabid readers, it’s squish the fish week. For those of you new to the program, Florida is my least favorite foreign country. From its flat landscape to its helicopter-sized bug population. At the top of my list of hated spots in FLA is Miami. I may despise Tampa and Jacksonville but I loathe Miami, from its tacky art deco buildings to its hero-worship of Don Shula. If I owned Hell and Miami? I’d rent out Miami and Live in Hell. Here are my Monster Keys to a Patriots victory. 

Small Change 

Nickels – Dimes and Quarters converge is the currency of the day. I want Tua Tagovailoa confused confuddled and in a fetal position by halftime. I want him looking across a line of scrimmage with a WTF look on his face from the get-go. Beg this team to run the ball and let this mass of humanity of a defensive line clog the lanes. The speed on the second level should stonewall Tua’s RPO game. Force him to throw outside the hash marks. 

Exotic Mayo 

No, not for your sandwiches – Patriots unnamed DC, Jerod Mayo needs to add some spice to his game plan. Mayo was limited last year with opt-outs, free agent departures, and a youth movement – Not this year. Never blitz from the same place twice. Off the edges – up the middle – Why does that WR not look covered? Because the cornerback is in Tuas’ chest. Beat him into submission with the exotics. Be sneaky, If Tua sees it coming you will miss him. 

Patriots Weeklies 

Limit the Laundry – No free yards, no free first downs, this has been an issue during the preseason.

Win the turnover Battle – The Phins were a plus 13 last year in the turnover department. In fact, that’s where a lot of their points came from. Take care of the rock. Go grab an extra possession or three. 

Own third-down – Yes on both sides of the ball. You worked hard to get them into third and long. Make it count. Then move those chains. 

Release the Hydra 

Damien HarrisJames WhiteJ.J. TaylorRhamondre StevensonJakob Johnson and of course Brandon Bolden. This group should scare the life out of opposing defenses. Make no mistake the 2021 Pats will go as far as this group will take it. Play action sure, but what they do to set up that play action is going to be scary fun to watch people, OMG – We got Wheel Routs back!!! 

Sling it Early, Mac 

(Murph are you Nuts) I can hear you all thinking it. No, I’m not, go out there and trust the man you took fifteenth overall. Throw it on first and ten, not on every series but this team can’t be as predictable as it has been. Listen-up people, down, and distance is going to be a huge part of determining Sunday’s outcome. Josh can’t be afraid to try and get into second and third and short on the arm of Mac Jones.

Flip the field 

Jake Bailey was the Patriots’ best weapon last season. He is not my worry. Swarm the returners, get those arms flying in the air and declare it a fair catch day. 

That’s it my rabid readers; my game one keys are cut, I even put them in the door. All Bill and Josh need to do are turn them. Roll Pats.

As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

My Monster Keys to Patriots vs Dolphins | Murph | 9-9-21

Featured Image via John Minchillo/AP

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