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My Monster Keys to Patriots vs Cowboys

 You’re a 70’s or 80’s kid, a healthy if respectful hatred of the Cowboys is ingrained into your NFL DNA. If you are a child of the 90’s you should feel no need to add any respect to your dislike of Fake America’s team. If you’re a child of this century, you’re probably wondering what all the hubbub is all about. Gather round children Uncle Murph has a story to tell . You see a long time ago in a galaxy far far away the Cowboys were a team of some renown. A franchise that was emulated and held up as a team that did it right. Led by one of the five best quarterbacks to ever play this game (Roger Staubach) and a head coach (Tom Landry) who was unparalleled in innovation and team building. Then they lost their way.

      They were sold to Jerry Jones and he hired a fine coach ( Jimmy Johnson). Jimmy won a couple of super bowls for Jerry. But the ego of the owner just couldn’t seem to get along with the man who was calling the shots on the field. After that new Stars were brought in. Both coaches and players, Style was valued over substance – Free agents were overpaid – Decisions were based on filling a new stadium — Not building a winning program. And pretty soon there was nothing left of that franchise’s once storied greatness. See what I’m getting at here ? you see , you get it . 

Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory. 

Eleven will get you Seven 

Eleven personnel is the way to go this week. Not only has it been the most productive set the Patriots have run out of, it’s the right package against the Cowboys. Spread it out and sling it. the Boys are giving up more yards on first down than any team in the NFL. Suck the Cowboys linebackers in with play action and negate Dallas’ overaggressive nature. This is the week where my YAC fetish gets fed. 

Set the Edges and Fill Those Gaps 

If Ezekiel Elliot and Tony Pollard aren’t the best running back tandem in the NFL they are a close second. I need more Christian Barmore and Less Devon Godchaux. Barmore is a beast and it’s time to unleash him. the Edges have been set for the first time in a decade; But it’s the push up the middle and the attention Barmore demands that is missing. 

Time and Tempo 

Get the Dallas defense into the personnel grouping you want to dictate to and then: Dictate to it. Let Mac Jones get into a rhythm with his pass catchers and watch the chains move and move and move again. 

Keep Henry Hunting. And Smith, Jonnu-ing ?

The Tight Endage crew has been building up over the past two weeks, keeping them involved Sunday may be the second most important key on this ring. Smith and Henry have finished what’s on their plate the last two weeks now it’s time to add seconds, I need to see them inline – split out wide and even in the backfield. Start using Smith like the athlete he is. Remember how well this worked when I suggested putting Cordarrelle Patterson back there ? Huh ? Huh ? 

The Weeklies 

Limit the Laundry – Thigs are trending in the right direction here 

Own Third Down – Should I add fourth down to this ? the pats did well on third down D last week until you see the Texicans were 3-3 on fourth down conversions. 

Don’t Settle – again Things are looking up on the sixes vs threes chart. 

Win the turnover battle – This is its own separate key this week. The Cowboys have turned their opponents over 12 times this season , The Pats have tossed – coughed and tipped the ball up and over 9 times . This is why The Patriots are 2-3 and Dallas is 4-1. The Patriots have to have a clean game this week to have a chance against this Dallas team. 

CD Lamb – Amari Cooper and Dalton Schultz. Oh My

The Patriots DB’s need to get physical at the line of scrimmage this week; i want to see bracket coverage on CD Lamb all afternoon , Kyle Dugger needs to punish Dalton Schultz from the opening snap to the final whistle and J.C Jackson is going to need to moonwalk with Amari Cooper all afternoon. Do not allow this team to get up and out early. Frustrate them, get them out of rhythm , knock them off their routes. 

That’s it, my Rabid Readers. If the Patriots take this set of keys and turn them all they come out on top Sunday. and go a long way in shutting up their critics.

As always you can Follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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