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My Monster Keys to Patriots 53 

Here we go Patriots people. This mess of a preseason is over and done, don’t forget to tip your Waite staff. After all, they didn’t shop for the groceries and never mind cook them. I’m jumping in with both feet here as I’ve been asked two dozen times who’s in and who’s out. I won’t proclaim to be the best at this projection thing. I have no crystal ball. Hell i wasn’t even at camp  and I’m sure by the second paragraph some if not most of you will be asking WTAF Murph ? But that’s what makes this fun. Right ? There is no math in these projections that’s for Miguel AKA PatsCap to handle. 

#Patriots center David Andrews clocks in at #101 on the #NFLTop100 honorable mentions list — Trev Reporteraport (@incredelman_11) August 29, 2022

Let’s start with the important folks The Offensive Line (7) 

–David Andrews (C)

–Trent Brown (T)

–Yodny Cajuste (T)

–James Ferentz (C/G)

–Michael Onwenu (G/T)

–Cole Strange (G)

–Isaiah Wynn (T)

 keeping seven here, I wont gamble on James Ferentz making it to the squad. Cody Russey was my pick for UDFA to make the 53 he just feels like a squad call up. Juston Herron – Arlington Hambright and Russey are all safer bets to slip onto PS

What a soft offensive PI call that cancels out a really nice Mac Jones to DeVante Parker touchdown #Patriots — Casey Baker (@_CaseyBaker) August 27, 2022

 QB ( 2 ) 

–Mac Jones

–Bailey Zappe

Here we go , what’s more important: 3 million dollars or a roster spot. To me the roster spot. Let’s face facts. If Mac goes down this team is toast. Hoyer should have been offered a coaching job from the get go. Will he get cut? probably not but i want the spot and i like Zappe. 

Rhamondre Stevenson stiff arm pics are back (USA Today) — Alex Barth (@RealAlexBarth) August 27, 2022

Running Back (5)  Five , But Six. 

-Damien Harris

-Ty Montgomery

-Rhamondre Stevenson

–Pierre Strong Jr.

-J.J. Taylor

-Kevin Harris Thats six . but Ty 

Here’s where some finagling has to happen. J.J is on this team, i believe Montgomery makes the cut and goes to IR making room for Kevin Harris. 

Kendrick Bourne returns today after getting tossed from practice yesterday. #Patriots — Mike Giardi (@MikeGiardi) August 17, 2022

Wide Receiver ( 6 ) 

–Nelson Agholor

–Kendrick Bourne

–Lil’Jordan Humphrey

–Jakobi Meyers

–DeVante Parker

–Tyquan Thornton ( IR after final ) 

More wheeling and dealing. With Thornton going down this opens up a spot for Lil’ Jordan Humphry. Who is going to play multiple roles for the Hoodie this year. WR – TE – ST . This is a solid and underrated group. 

Hunter Henry appreciation post — Sara Marshall (@smarshxo) April 3, 2022