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More Good Bad and UGLY from MLB CBA Talks

Universal DH and Easier Player Movement Headline MLB Bargaining

It’s the end of an era . yes folks for all the strategy and pureness of the game the universal DH is finally here and here to stay. Well once these idions get the pesky money thing out of the way and sign a new CBA. 

Asked Rob Manfred if he thinks opening day will be as scheduled March 31. His response: “I’m an optimist, and I believe we will have an agreement in time to play our regular-season schedule.” — Jeff Passan (@JeffPassan) February 10, 2022

No longer will we see pitchers awkwardly standing at home plate looking like mom just dropped them off at T-Ball. Never again will we be blessed to see a pitcher standing at second wearing a Starter Jacket during the World Series. Only question I have is will Shohei Ohtani be allowed to bat for himself when he takes the hill ? 

#MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred says owners understand how important it is to get the game going on the field. Says they’ve agreed to Draft lottery, universal DH, service time issues. Says they want new playoff format. Says “the status of Spring Training is no change right now.” — Dan Roche (@RochieWBZ) February 10, 2022

In other CBA News 

MLB players who are free agents will no longer be held back from moving on to greener pastures because of draft pick compensation. No More qualifying offers. This is huge. Not only for the players, but for the larger market teams looking to ink the junior circuit top talent. You can bet teams like the Red Sox who in the past have forgone inking big name free agents. Under the last agreement the team signing a tendered free agent lost it’s second highest and fifth hist pick in the next draft to the teams they pilfered. A million dollars was also forfeited from it’s international signing pool. It’s yet to be seen if MLB will compensate teams losing their stars to bigger ball clubs with deeper pockets. Also enjoy next year’s trade deadline my friends. With no compensation, look for more deals heading into a players last year. And the deadline deals will be coming fast and furious.

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