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Monster Keys to Squish the Fish Part II

Welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Yes it's my never ending loathing of the Miami Dolphins. I won't bore you with details. Let's just say if you grew up where I did, for some strange reason there were a ton of Phish folks wondering about. Poorly raised kids. I knew more Phins fans growing up than I did Giants or Jets fans. Probably had to do with all that cheating Double Dealing Don Shula did to win those two Superbowl's still the only bowl winners with an asterisk next to their name. But let's get to it . Here are my monster keys to sending Miami back to their swamp.

Own the LOS

The front is going to have to win the battle of the trenches. Both sides of the ball. No one gets a day off here. I expect the defensive line to exploit Miami's front five and the Patriots need to hold up in pass pro for any of the keys I'm about to cut to mean a damn thing.

Get up quick

I need to see points on the board early. I want sixes not threes by the way. Too often the Pats are trying to climb out of a hole by halftime and no matter how they have adjusted it's too little too late. Don’t let that happen Sunday.

Pass to set up the run

I'm not a huge stat guy. I don't often go down that rabbit hole but this week you can’t ignore the fact that the Phins defense is thinnest in the backfield. What was once a strength has become a weakness due to injuries and ineptitude. Miami is the 5th worst team in passing yards allowed on the season and 12th worst in drop back. SLING IT MAC. SLING IT

Make them One Dimensional

Numbers be damned, McDaniel is a run first coach that's what he'd done for the better part of his career in San Fran. with Tua sidelined he will want to be as balanced as possible. Lets end this fantasy quickly shall we. The first key on this ring, getting up early will help the situation. This key is going to depend on my Big buddies up front. And the linebacking corps to crash the ball carrier, Mosart is averaging 4.9 yards per carry, Shut him down Big Guys.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover Battle - the Phins are at the bottom of the league in turnover differential this season. Minus FIVE. While the Pats are a plus five on the year. Stupendous number considering the last two games.

Limit the Laundry - the dolphins are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL in 2022 , guess who’s right behind them ? yep … keep it clean . play smart football.

Own third Down - here’s an issue the Patriots should exploit this week, the Dolphins can't get off the field on third down. They just can't. Go out there and move the chains and keep them from doing the same.

Flip the field - this is like beating a dead horse. Can anyone out there punt ? hey guess what if you limit the laundry and own third down you won't have too.. Brilliant

Spare Change

Nickels Dimes and Quarters , I expect to see a ton of these coverages this week. Keep Bridgwater’s weapons unsure about what they are looking at get them to make mistakes when he checks at the line and capitalize

That's it my rabid readers. I can't believe the stretch that the patriots have been on and they are still in the hunt. But they are still in the hunt. My preseason prediction of 10-7 can't be reached in the regular season but let's get into the playoffs and see if they can manage to do some damage. I know Wishful thinking you're saying it i can hear you but hey im a kid from the 70’s and that's all we really had.

As always you can follow / give me grief on twitter @Tmurph207

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