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Monster Keys to Pats Raiders

It's hate week , this is different from a divisional rivalry kind of hate. This is a deep green blood boiling kind of hatred that is so ingrained into people of my generation and the ones that came before me it's hard to put into words. It goes back to jack tatum ( i refuse to put his name in caps ) cheap hit on Darryl Stingly that left the Stinger paralysed for the rest of his life. It goes back to Sugar Bear Hamilton and “ Referee “ Ben Dreith phantom roughing the passer call and then an additional unsportsmanlike flag in 1976 on third and eighteen divisional round game stealing what may have been the greatest Pats team of all time a chance to prove just that. I’ve never let go of these two moments and no “ Tuck Rule “ game will ever erase it from my memory. Here are my Monster Keys to Beating The Raiders.

Do Your Job

The lack of effort by this team over the past two weeks is unprecedented. Lunch pails have been left at home and a once proud tradition of taking the life out of another team before halftime has been absent for far too long here in New England. Line up and beat the man in front of you. This is the Patriot Way

Muddle the Middle

Keep Jimmy G outside the numbers make it a nightmare to use the middle of the field, Cover three week, I know the risks, but the middle of the field is where Jimmy makes his living. This is where the chains move and the scoreboard becomes a too often glance from you as the Patriots chase a lead.

Jimmy’s Jitters

Unleash the Uche, Cut Lose Keion. I know thanksgiving is more than a month away but. This is the week to get home. The Patriots need to flip the script and get into the quarterback's head. I want Jimmy to hear it coming in his dreams for three days after this game is over.

12 and 21

Time for two tight end sets, yes it's a week for Clazzy Clare to enjoy. Max Crosby is one of the most gifted players in the NFL. whoever is assigned to block him is going to need help. Get an extra body on him and keep Mac upright and relaxed in the pocket. Get under center . Establish the run out of this set. then get into play action.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - I'm at a loss here. It’s the most important key, the easiest key and they refuse to turn it.

Own third Down - just one third down conversion last week, Yes you read that right it was even worse 0-2 on fourth down. Excuse me while I open a bottle.

Limit the Laundry - i'm still drinking

Flip the field - Jesus Baringer you have one job. And I like kickers.

Down and Distance

Early down success is a key that has yet to be turned this year. This team can not play from behind the sticks on every drive. The first down mark needs to be attacked this week. Stevenson and Elliot need room to hit their hole and they need to hit it decisively. Every pass thrown needs to be with one thing in mind: four new downs with a completion. Get to the mark and everything else is gravy.

That's it my rabid readers… One win, that's the goal this and every week from now until week 18. But first it's, Win the battle with the man in front of you, Win this play, win this series, win this quarter, this half , Win This Game.

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