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Monster Keys To Patriots Wildcard Victory 

One and Done or Win and Advance these are the only options. Coach better- Play better – Execute better. Today. Or there is no tomorrow. If you are here for another beatdown on the great unwashed that roam the parking lots and front yards of Orchard Park like drunken zombies go back to an earlier set of keys cut. It’s business season and lets get down to it  – here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory. 


We are jumping into the wayback machine to the year 1917, World War One . That’s right, Trench Warfare, The Pats need to win this battle to win the war. Owning it on both sides of the trenches is the first key cut on this playoff ring. New England needs to out physical the Bills from the jump to the landing. 

Explode and Implode 

As the interior of this line explodes thru the Bills big fat guys the edges need to be set.  Do not allow Allen to get outside and extend plays with his legs. I don’t know about you folks but I’m sick and tired of watching opposing quarterbacks turn third and long into first downs. Don’t let Devin Singltary get outside. 

The Weeklies 

WIN THE TURNOVER BATTLE : The Pats are 8-0 when this key turns. 

LIMIT THE LAUNDRY : In 2020 the Patriots had 62 Penalties – in 2021? 95 . 

OWN THIRD DOWN : Move the chains and Get them off the field. 

Get up Quick 

I don’t care if Bill takes the ball or defers, the Pats need to score first and second and probably third. It’s obvious this team isn’t built to come from behind. Get up first, get up fast and stay there. 

Pound Them into submission. 

This really goes without saying. But for everything to work on Saturday night the Pats need to establish the run and force the Bills linebackers to bite on every play, flow with every pull they need to have the Buffalo front seven believing they will only throw the ball three times. 

Play Action Glory 

Now that you have the Bills thinking it’s 1943 it’s time to set up play action. The Bills did a good job of forcing the ball outside in the last meeting. Josh needs to dial up the presnap movement and bunch formations to open up the middle of the field. Also having Aghlolr back this time around to drag coverages should help open up things for Henry, Bourne and Meyers

Disguise Coverages 

Nickels – Dimes and Quarters. I want to see no man coverage Saturday. Keep Allen guessing at what he’s looking at. While everyone is worrying about Stefon Diggs, Bill needs to Keep Dawson Knox ,Isaiah McKenzie and Cole Beasley in mind. Not to mention Allen himself. Zone is the word of the Day . If you HAVE to run man, run it out of nickel. 

That’s it my rabid readers. The 18th set of keys cut this season. If Bill and company turn them I guarantee there will be a 19th. If they don’t?  Pretty good chance I will be starting my draft prep. I don’t want to start my draft prep yet.

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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