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Monster Keys to Patriots vs Texans

It’s a rare thing to feel good about a 1-3 Patriots Team. In Days of yore my gamma induced rage would be off the bloody charts. But for some reason a calming has come upon me. Is it old age ? Legal weed ? the sale I found on Ressee’s peanut butter cups ? Possibly a combination of the last two. In years past I would be cutting this set of keys deep and hard. But the shit talking – shit kicking swag of Texicans in Letterman Jackets seems a distant memory to this group of ballplayers who are out there reping the great state of Texass. So without further ado. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory. 

Establish the Run 

No i mean it this time, the Texans are the worst team in the NFL at stopping the run, there is no squad more perfect to get this run game going. Yes i understand that this is literally the cast from the movie M.A.S.H that Harris – Taylor and Bolden will be running behind but it’s next man up time and i feel a lot better having them run the ball than try to pass block for three seconds. Run it, run it up the middle and run it to the weak side all day long

Set up play action. 

As much as it would tickle me to see the Patriots not attempt a single pass (Come on it would be hilarious if they went full ARMY Football ) that’s not going to happen, Josh will mix it up and Mac Jones has been money off play action. And if Houston stays in tampa two all the more reason to bust a seam or twelve Sunday afternoon. Get Smith and Henry involved and into a rhythm with Mac. Exploit the second level with floods and let Kendrick Bourne spread his new found YAC wings….. God, I love YAC. 

The Weeklies

Limit the Laundry – are you as tired as i am of seeing all this yello ?

Win the turnover Battle – this team would be 3-1 if they just turned this key

Own Third Down – yea I’m just sitting here tapping my fingers on my oak desk. 

Don’t Settle – Things are looking up on the sixes vs threes tree. 

Fire The Chef 

Old Buddy Brandin Cooks is the first, second and third option on the Texans offense. Chris Conley and sixty year old Danny Amen-Dola are not going to hurt you. shut down Cooks and the kitchen is closed. 

Gap integrity 

The Texans like to run mid and outside zone. I fully expect the Patriots to cover this with a 6-1 front with a safety linebacker combo standing up on the edges to cover the flats. This allows them to keep every gap filled, Think of the Bear Front the Pat ran against the Rams in their last superbowl win. and cover four quarters to back this up.  Playing Quarters allows the corners and safeties to account for cooks and still come up into run support. Shut this running game down and put it in the hands of Davis Mills. 

Thats it my rabid readers another set of Keys cut, even with a makeshift offensive line the Pats should come out on top of this game with the play of the defense. Also welcome home Jamie Collins. 

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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