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Monster Keys to Patriots vs Saints

Saints Week , the one week of everyone's season when they look at the schedule and say DAMMIT we’re home. Well not Atlanta but most of the right thinking people . I have a long and sordid love affair with the city of New or-lins. But alas the Pats are home and any Poboys or Hurricanes you have on Sunday will have to be made by your own hands. Here are my monster keys to beating the Saints

Mac Needs to get Back

Back to what you ask ? well ill tell you get back to being Mac. The QB who the Patriots drafted. the one who ousted Cam Newton. The one who made smart decisions. Mac was drafted as the QB that may not win you games with his arm but wont lose you games with his head. That has not been the case in 2024. Slow the game down in your head McCorkle.

Get time on your side

Again I feel like I'm beating a dead horse here. TEMPO, mix your tempo O’Brien. When you get the Defense you can exploit on the field go no huddle, do not let them make the subs they want on the field. Keep the Saints in base and exploit the Corners not named Lattimore. It's rhythm nation time. Get this offense into a good rhythm and let it ride.

Early Down Success

Need to see more second and four, third and two’s. The run game has been less than stellar. You can blame the situation of chasing the scoreboard and lack of blocking up front, what's the cure you ask ? there you go again asking great questions. Get Pharaoh Brown into the backfield and use Zek as a lead blocker. SOMEONE WHO CAN BE A FULLBACK and get guys to the second level. Start pulling guards and let the RB’s get to the edge. If you can't establish the run there is no fun.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - i'm praying to everyone and anyone you can think of here. GOD HELP ME.

Own third Down - just four of thirteen last week. Yes you read that right

Limit the Laundry - another six flags (accepted) last week and 50 free yards. A ton of this is on the line. This team can not play from behind the sticks.

Own third Down - Both the Pats and the Saints are at a 38% conversion rate. I need to see at least 48% for a chance to win. yes it needed to be said twice

Take away Carr's bread and butter.

The Bread ? Alvin Kamara. Alvin was back from his three game suspension last week and while the Saints got smoked by Tampa it wasn't Kamara’s fault. Alvin was Carr's top targeted receiver last week, this could be Carr's shoulder issue or it just could be getting the ball in your best player's hands. Be it running the skin or catching screen passes don't let this man beat you…

The Butter, Force Carr to Throw outside the numbers. Yes I know the Pats are a bit anorexic at the CB spot at the moment. But the middle of the field is where the saints want to play this game. Get into two high shells and dictate the saints game plan. Beg them to run. And take away the explosive play.

That's it, my rabid readers. To say this is a must win game is an understatement. I still think this team can get back to .500 over the next two games. I still believe they can be a playoff team. Even without Gonzalez and Judon this defense when together can make noise. They just have to get back together.

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