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Monster Keys to Patriots vs. Jets 

Sitting here slowly sipping Jameson Black Barrel trying to erase the taste of a week one loss to of all teams, the goddamn dolphins, slowly realizing only one thing can do that. Getting Mc Jones his first win. And what better team to do it against than the New York Jets. Yes, my rabid readers, a trip down to Jersey to face off against Gangrene is just the flavor I need to cleanse my football palette and get set to feast on the rest of the league. So without further adieu here are my Monster Keys to beat the Just Eat The Snacks crew.

Patriots vs Jets

Dial-up the Pressure 

The Jets offensive line is a complete mess (can you feel me grinning) and that’s just what this Dr ordered. Mekhi Becton went out last week with a knee injury that could end his season. And the shuffle has begun across the JETS line. Wilson was sacked six times last week by a Panthers team that is not nearly as talented as the Patriots. The table is set for the front seven. GO EAT 

You got what you paid for New York

Zach Wilson came exactly as advertised (well as I advertised) – a Helter Skelter QB who makes poor decisions when real pressure is dialed up against him. He relies on his arm to make plays his brain can’t. Load up the front and this spoiled pretty boy looks like a deer in headlights. He has no clue who is coming and who is dropping. For the next sixteen weeks, I want this kid waking up from nightmares and screaming for his mommy back in Utah. Unleash the amoeba D and get Bambi screaming for Mother. 

Release the Rabbit 

J.J. Taylor, who I have dubbed “Ricochet Rabbit“, showed in the preseason that he is exactly the change of pace all-purpose back the Patriots need on this offense. Yet he was a healthy scratch in week one. Get this kid on the field and give Mccorkle Jones the best weapons to get points on the board. Paired up with James White against cover III?

Go time.

Patriots Weeklies 

No one listened to me last week, maybe if I say it a bit louder

Limit The Laundry – Penalties killed the Patriots last Sunday. They had this team playing from behind the chains – killed drives and momentum, WAKE UP.

Win The turnover battle – The Pats put the ball on the turf too often. I want a clean game, hopefully, the young running backs learn quickly. 

Own Third Down – One thing the Pats did last week well was get off the field on third down, let’s not forget that. And let’s hope it’s the start of a trend. 

Don’t Settle- Okay I will take the blame when I deserve it, I mistakenly forgot to add, get into the bloody end zone, while cutting the keys last week. Too many sixes traded for three’s in week one.  

Get up Early 

Funny how this ended up as my last key of the week isn’t it? The Defense needs to shut down the Jets during the first half and allow the offense the opportunity to play from in front. Get points on the board and make Jets HC Robert Salah figure out how to catch up. Force their hand and force mistakes to happen. This should be a big week for Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry.

That’s it, my countrymen, thanks for lending me your ears. As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

Monster Keys to Patriots vs Jets | Murph | 9-17-21

Featured Image via Nancy Lane/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

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