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Monster Keys to Patriots vs Chargers 

“ Go West young man. Go West and Grow up with the country “ 

Horace Greeley 

Seems appropriate with this week’s trip to LA LA land. Because this is exactly what McCorkle Jones needs to do in leading his Patriots against the San-LA-Diego Chargers. For anyone that made this jaunt last year it may feel like returning to the scene of a crime. As the Patriots handed the bolts their worst loss in franchise history in a 45-0 romp that teased the masses here into thinking Belichick may have been onto something w Cam Newton. But Cam is gone and Mac is here and i have the Keys to getting the Pats back to .500 

Run it Run it and Run it some more.

The Chargers give up more yards per carry (5.4) than any team in the league. They have also given up 8 scores on the ground to this point in the season, true a lot of this has to do with the opponents they have faced to date but this is the recipe. The old and improved O-Line needs to blow up the Chargers defensive front and spring Damian Harris and company to the second level. While the Pats running back rotation has been a week to week mystery: Harris has proved he can carry the load, this could be a huge week for anyone who isn’t a healthy scratch. 

Confuse confound and aggravate Herbert

Whoever is calling the defensive plays on Sunday they need to mix it up and not show their hand to the Chargers young QB. Herbert struggles with deciphering what he’s looking at when you load up the middle of the field. Match/Zone coverage is the prescription this week, To this point the Bolts have been very conservative on first and second down. I Look for the Chargers to be more aggressive on early downs this week with an extra week of prep time. disguise your coverages and keep the kid guessing. 

Beat Us another Way 

That’s been the mentality of the Pats defense for as long as i can remember, Sure you can talk the bend but don’t break philosophy. But what Belichick has always don’t best is take away what they do best. This week that’s Keenan Allen AND Mike Williams. With The secondary as thin as a good pizza crust the Pats are going to need to be in get after it mode. Get the speed guys in the front seven out there and get into Herbert’s face. Don’t give him time to get the ball downfield to his playmakers. Push Allen and Williams to the outside and use the boundaries as your twelfth man. 

The weeklies 

Limit the Laundry – This Chargers crew doesn’t need the help. I want to see no extra yellow on the field Sunday. 

Tackle Dummy – the amount of yards given up after contact last week was Pepto-Abysmal . fix this quick or Austin Ekeler could make this a long day – no i dont give a hang that he’s on the injury report w a hip. He plays

Own Third Down – The Chargers are 7th in the league in third down conversions; that number was pushed down by a very poor showing against the Ravens. The Patriots are trending upward in this department. On both sides, keep up the good work guys. 

Win The Turnover Battle – an extra opportunity or three would be helpful this week. 

Keep it Tight – Ended 

Jonnu Smith had his best quarter of football last week before leaving with an injury and Hunter Henry’s chemistry with Jones is turning into a scary good concoction. Keep riding these two, As you force more Chargers into run stufifng mode seams will open up. Then watch the yards and points climb. 

That is it, my rabid readers. Ball control is the answer this week. Get that ball. Hold that ball And don’t let it go !! and the pat are back to.500 and looking at a possible playoff berth. It may look easy on paper but doesn’t it always ? Trust me Chargers don’t forget. 

AS always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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