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Monster Keys to Patriots vs Browns

I really hate to do this. I like so many things about Cleveland. Starting with the fans they are some of the best in the world. Burn in Hell Art Model. And the city. Yea i love the city of cleveland. It's just too cool for words. How can you say anything bad about the town that Birthed Superman, Has real neighborhood bars, The Fountains. And you can Jaywalk freely. It's almost perfect. So I'm sorry to do this to you cleveland. But I'm about to put your dick all in the dirt. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory.

Blow them up Blow them off

The soft spot in the Browns defense is the interior of this defensive line. Let's get back to pulling guards and opening up holes for the patriots backs. Push/Guide Clowney and Myles Garrett back behind the Pocket and exploit the interior of this line. God, I can't wait to see what Rhamondre and Pierre Strong do behind rejuvenated this line.

Screen Game

Screen Game - screen game

Screen Game - screen game

Screen Game - screen game

Screen Game - screen game

I hope you read that with The J. Giles Band in your head because that's how I wrote it. Get the screen game going. Again this Browns pass rush is no joke. Give them something else to think about besides getting to Zappe.

Finish Drives

The Patriots got by scoring on eleventeen ( yes it's a word ) field goals last week. That's all well and good when it's the Lions. But it won't get you to the playoffs. Go get sixes. The Pats are horrible in the red zone this year. Stop running the ball on every down inside the ten. Get Henry more involved, get Parker involved. Look for Thornton across the back line.For Christ Sakes Matty . Trust the arms you send out there.

Rotation Rotation Rotation.

Keep Fresh Legs out there on defense. I'm expecting to see the same effort and pride taken in their game last week this week. Whether it's 3-4 4-3 or 2-5. The front seven was paramount in last week's win and going up against Chub and Kareem Hunt is going to be a true test of this entire crew. Chub is averaging more than six yards per and Hunt is over four per himself. Set the edges, Chubb will be headed there ALL DAY. fill your gap, Don't worry about the other guy's job. Do yours.

The Weeklies

Own third Down - Get the Browns into second - third and long, put it on Brissette. On the flip side. Please guys, I'm begging you to convert and I'm sick of begging.

Win The Turnover Battle - worked well last week didn't it ? See turn the key.

Limit the Laundry - 6 for 46 is an improvement. Let's keep it trending in that direction.

Flip the field - Bailey only had to punt twice last week. I can't see that happening again. Bury them deep and force Jacoby and company to march the length of the field.

That's it my rabid readers. I don't see Bill risking Mac’s health and rushing him back onto the field this week. Expect to see more Zappe and for the most part the same style of offense run. Maybe with Strong in the game I could get a wheel route ? please pretty please. This is going to be a trench war, people. I think the pats can win it.

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