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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over  the Titans 

I hope you all had a very very happy Thanksgiving, as I type this I am sitting in a hospital bed waiting to pass two yes a pair of kidney stones. Stoned off my Irish ass on a prescribed cocktail of drugs that a man could get used to trying to get home for Turkey Day. But like the Patriots I take no days off here at So here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory.

Get up quick get up big 

Last week’s Titans – Texans game showed this team is not set up to chase a lead. And if you know me you know what key I’m cutting, No Huddle – Up Tempo – From the get go. This might be the morphine talking but this is how i see it. Don’t give Vrabel time to adjust to what he’s seeing. 

Trench Warfare 

Ladies and gentlemen. This game will be won or lost right here. This simplest of keys to cut is the most difficult to turn, but it needs to be cut, it needs to be turned for the Pats to come out on top. Make no mistake, picking up the blitzkrieg from the middle or off the edge is part of the WWI 1970’s NFL  style of warfare I’m talking about. Vrabel saw what happened last week vs the Falcons and will bring the heat until the Pats can show they are fireproof. 

Crash and Contain 

The Patriots front seven has been nothing less than phenomenal over this winning streak. The performance of the defense will once again be the hinge of this patriots victory. The round people up front need to push the Titans line back into Tannehill lap and the edges need to keep him in the pocket. Do not let him get outside. The man can still move the chins with his legs.  

Don’t Bite

Not ” don’t bite”  as in suck, although that would be nice. Don’t Bite on play action. Now since the Titans lost all world RB Derrick Henry they have drifted away from using play action but this is still the Achilles heel of this Patriots defense. dont get sucked up and open up the middle of the field for Tannehill.

i only write in bold when i truly mean it.

The Weeklies 

Limit the Laundry: Holding and illegal procedure calls cost the Patriots in a big way last week. You didn’t notice because they won in a landslide. Keep the yellow off the field.

Own Third Down: The titans are giving up just 38% of their opponents’ conversions on third down this year. All the more reason to get into second and short. 

Win the turnover battle: This is so important when sitting between some of the keys I’d cut earlier. Tannehill is going to make his mistakes just make sure you take care of the rock while you’re moving this fast. 

Don’t settle: Sixes not three’s. Josh and Mac need to find more options in the red zone. 

Pass to set up the Run. 

I can hear you asking “What Murph are you high ?”  Well yes I am (see above) but the Titans are kittens when it comes to stopping the pass. Giving up nearly 2,800 yards to the point in the season. That includes 18 touchdowns and 38 plays of over 20 yards or more. Listen to Drew Bledsoe and just sling it Mr. Jones. 

That’s it my rabid readers, they are about to wheel me in for a bit of surgery to make sure i get home to baste the bird in the AM, i may reread this and decide to cut an extra key or two but I’m betting i won’t have to . 

As always follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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