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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Steelers

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

No town sans Kansas City runs the gambit of fans and teams I love and hate, more than Pittsburgh. Now this scale is based of course on Football to Baseball. Love love love me some Pirates fans, some of the best people in the world. Steelers fans ? Steelers fans ? bunch of whiny entitled brats ( there are exceptions, if you're over 40 we would probably get along share a beer ) They the younger generation seem to mirror it's head coach. Yep, I hate Mike Tomlin. Can't stand his face, his voice, I loathe his constant finger pointing, and excuse making for his lack of success over the past decade and a half, here are my Monster Keys to Have the terrible towel wavers crying in their greasy Primanti Bros sandwiches

Sling it

Yes, a scary proposition I know. But defenses have been stacking boxes and if you haven't heard the Pats are down, Rhmondre Stevenson. this week. Now I don't just mean slinging it in the sense of hitting that short crosser, but getting deep. Ten - Twelve - Fifteen - Eighteen yards down the field. Old friend Elandon Roberts injured his groin last week and his backups leave a ton to be desired in coverage. Be it a banged up Roberts or even better MyKal Walker , Attack the Middle of the field. Use bootleg action to get the ball to the outside. The steelers are weak when you go over the top.

Let Zeke Eat..... All the dessert

The middle of this Steelers defensive line is where you want to attack it. There could be a big break off or two to be had attacking the Steelers interior defensive line but it is mostly going to be cookies and cake to munch on for Elliot this week, and who doesn't like dessert ?Get Kevin Harris up, this week we set up the run with the pass.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - No draws The Pats need to be on the plus side.

Limit the Laundry - stay in front of the chains, no free first downs. No pre-snap flags.

Own Third Down - it's bordering on the pathetic here. Win early, get into second and third and short. My first key IF TURNED should help here.

Own the Red Zone - If you can get there. Sorry I'm getting salty.

Flip the Field - by hook or by crook this defense needs to stonewall the steelers, ST has to pin them deep in their own territory, and get this anemic offense short fields to work with.

Happy Days

It's time to get Cunningham involved. That's it that's the Tweet. Just kidding. Malik Cunningham took snaps all last week at QB with the number ones. Yet failed to take a snap. In fact he hasn't seen the field since week six vs the Raiders. Keep him active, get him involved. Get The Steelers wondering.


The Steelers run blocking has greatly improved over the past three or five weeks, especially when trying to get to the edge. They are for sure still a zone run team but their gap run plays have taken a huge jump going from 22% to almost 35% of the time. Naji Harris is still getting the bulk of the carries but Jalen Warren has been their most productive runner since the bye week. Set the edges - mind your gaps and stuff this run game.

I know a great many of you are hoping for another loss. you’re all in draft mode. But that's not my job, not yet anyway. I'm here to cut keys to win ball games. As always you can follow / give me grief on Xitter @Tmurph207

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