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Monster Keys to Patriots victory over the Jets

Bill Belichick and I have a thing or two in common. But what we truly bond over is our Hatred Of the god damn Jets. My personal loathing of Gangrene goes all the way back to my youth and the most undeserving member of the Pro football Hall of fame Joe Namath. It grew during the days of The NY Sack Exchange of Mark Gastineau, Joe Klekco , Abdul Salam and Marty Lyons. To this day if I saw Gastineau walking down the street I'd call my bail bondsman and tell him to get the checkbook out. For me this is personal. More personal than the bills and way more personal than the dolphins. I hate losing to the Fucking Jets. As of this moment the hoodie is 36 -12 vs this “ team “ 35-11 as Patriots head coach. Here are my Monster Keys to get to win number 37

Play with the Lead

This Patriots team, as seen in every loss this year, does not play well from behind. It's just not built that way.Get out infront early. The defense is just as deep if not a deeper cut in this key as the offense. Get Early Stops. and allow the offense to put up points against Jets zeros.

Slow Dance Early

There is no covering up that this offense went off the dance floor on Monday night with the QB switching. But let's not get into that. It's time to get Mac back on the floor. While I want to see this offense grow and develop into what I think could be something special, let's Waltz before we do the Hustle. Get Jones under center and allow the Line to get their legs under them and under control. Allow the run game to dictate how the rest of the offense evolves throughout the game. Let the labores set the subfloor before the craftsmen put down the dance floor.

Pressure - Pressure - Pressure

I can’t stand Zack Wilson . I look at this kid and my blood boils. So this key may look personal. IT IS. but sometimes that's okay. Sometimes it works to your favor. The Jets O-Line is suspect in pass-pro. The defense needs to get aggressive and get in his face. From the Get Go. Wilson is a shorter carbon copy of Sam Darnold. Neither of them handle pressure. AT ALL. Pin ears back get after the passer and get him to the turf. I want him crying in the locker room by halftime.

The Weeklies

Own Third Down - Do I really need to go over last week's numbers ? No I don't, they were Pepto abysmal. And you saw how that went. Someone pick my eyes up, they just rolled across the floor.

Limit the Laundry - the Pats were pretty good in this area last week but the stupid was still costly. I think we witnessed Trent Brown’s worst game ever.

Win The Turnover Battle - it's a weekly for a reason. This didn't happen in week 7.

Flip the Field - I'm not sure what's going on with Jake Bailey. One week he’s pinning teams inside the 10 the next well we saw on Monday night what the next week can look like. Do not give this Jets team the short fields the Bears had to play with on Monday.

Bust those Seems

While we are dancing let's bust a seam or two. While interviewing NY Daily News Antwan Staley this week on (One Patriots Place) with Steve Balestrieri and Clare Cooper he agreed that the soft part of this greatly improved Jets D is its play at safety. I want seam routes. I want to see a happy Clare Cooper when we sit down at the Mic this week. Use the tight ends like draft horses. And the Slot like a thoroughbred. And move the chains.

That's it, my rabid readers. This Sunday will be no small task for Mac and company. This Jets team is no joke on defense. The Pats are going to have to turn every key to come out on top. And quite frankly this is a must win game for them.

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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