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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the JAGS 

I’m at a complete loss here.

After a seven week stretch that transported me back to those good old 2007 feelings, The Pats  kept me in the wayback machine and ended up in the 1970’s. Handing me two losses that should never have happened. That’s right, they should NEVER HAVE HAPPENED. I don’t want to hear about talent – I don’t want to hear about game plans – and I certainly don’t want to hear about rookie quarterbacks. The Patriots lost these games because they were out physicaled out hustled and out performed by lesser talent. In short the Patriots stepped on their own dicks. The best player on the field may have worn a different uniform, but the best team was still the Pats. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots Victory 

Hit the Red Button 

I’m done screwing around here. I want a no huddle up tempo two minute offense from the first snap. With both Stevenson and Harris back and healthy I expect to pound this Jags defensive front early and often. I want their line walking on their elbows by the end of the first half. Run that rock to glory 

Pick it Apart 

Set up play action and then get the ball out quick to Henry and Bourne – allow them to move the sticks with the YAC that I live and breathe for. Jacksonville is a zone heavy defense let these two and, dare I say Jonnu Smith, find the soft spots and keep the offense humming. 


Yep all caps.  This is a huge key to success. Not only this week but you can see it over the past eight quarters of play. And it was ignored at the most crucial moment of each of those games.  Do your job. Fill that hole. Don’t over pursue. 

Dimes and Quarters 

Match quarters to be precise . I’m not worried about anything the Jags or anyone else in the league can do on the ground. (If there is Gap integrity). Match Quarters and Dime looks are going to confuse Trevor Lawrence and force him to throw outside the numbers. Jam his receivers at the line and force them outside. Both these sets allow for help over the top. 

The Weeklies 

Win the turnover Battle

If there was a get right category in this set of keys it’s this one, The Jags average close to 2 giveaways a game. The lack of takeaways since the bye is Abysmal – GET RIGHT PEOPLE

Own third Down 

Check that.  Own first and second down, get into third and short situations, Please, make it third and short 

Limit the Laundry 

Play smart football please. That’s the last cut in this key. Just stop being  stupid. Don’t jump, don’t line up offsides . Don’t take a personal FOUL 

That’s it, my rabid readers. The football Gods smiled on me this year. Three games against teams from my least favorite foreign country, Florida and they spared me two trips to that flat invasive species infested, FLA man filled ecosystem. I’d like to take that’s a sign , Don’t let me down Pats 

As always you can follow / give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207 

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