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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Giants

Being the franchise that ended the dream of perfection in 2007 and again slithered their way to a SB title in 2011, I should have some deep seeded hatred for the Giants. But I don't, I respect the franchise. I respect the fans. They are some of the best and most knowledgeable in sports. I don't respect Eli Manning, but that's a tale for another day. After all, I was here to witness their struggles in the 70’s just as I was for Patriots Nation’s. And I know they along with most of New England can't fathom the thought of tanking. Tanking is a loser mentality for loser franchises. Which neither of these teams are. Here are my monster keys to beating the Giants.

Run The Damn Ball

It's like beating a dead beat writer at this point. When you looked at this team in August what did you think? I'll answer for you. This is a team built to run the ball. “ Old boring 80’s football” to many to credit for that quote. But it's true. The running part anyway. Stevenson and Elliot are a wagon waiting to be ridden. So why does this team throw so often? IDK. It's get to the edge week my rabid readers. Get to the edge and turn it up.

Mac Under

Mac Jones is this team's best chance at winning. Every Week. The Monday after the Colts loss I said he would be under center to start this game and I'm not backing off now. Set up play action and find a way to stop Dexter Lawrence long enough for Mac to at least set the dial on the stove. Attack the middle of the field and get that bubble screen game going.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - no draws The Pats need to be on the plus side.

Limit the Laundry - stay in front of the chains, no free first downs.

Own Third Down - it's bordering on the pathetic here. Win early, get into second and third and short.

Own the Red Zone - I will take not turning the ball over on downs or through stupidity this week.

Flip the field - Bury them deep and then turn the next key.

Secret Key , Check out later today only on Locked On Patriots

No Bark from Saquon

Another easy breezy afternoon for the Patriots front seven. Shutdown Saquon Barkley. A bigger pair of sarcastic sentences you would find this far south of Xitter. But that is the task. Like Zeke and Rhamondre Barkly is on a tear - time to get the sewing kit out. The defensive backs are going to have to mind their P’s and Q’s this week. Maintaining gap integrity fills those holes. And Don't Cheat. Play and zone action will be in the Giants game plan as well.

The Pats are 1-4 in their last five games. All five of those games were one score games. Turn the Keys and they are at least 3-2 probably 4-1 in those contests. And this season is in a very different place. The game plans in each of these games have been good to very good. The quarterback play and execution by the offense is what has been lacking. To me, now as always, my enjoyment of a game comes down to wins and loses, not where the Patriots are positioning themselves in the draft.

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