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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Commanders

The trade deadline has come and gone, and The Commanders at 3-5 were in full sell mode moving off from its disgruntled pass rush getting as much as they can for their pro bowlers. No, the Patriots' battered offensive line won't see the condor's wingspan of Montez Sweat or the glorious blonde dreads of Chase Young on Sunday. That sound you heard as I typed that was Mac Jones exhaling. The brightness in the sky isn't the sun, it's Billy O’brien’s smile. Yes two all pro-caliber players are gone. So the heat is on and the pressure is turned up - you had better not get beaten by a team in full sell mode, you better not give up any pressure much less sacks from a pair of backups in James Smith - Williams and Casey Toohill! So to whom it may concern, here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory.

Ride the Running Backs

With the moves we discussed above. You would think this would be a week to drop back and sling it. NOPE. The Pats need to paint by numbers this week and the numbers say run the rock - 4.2 yards per attempt close to 120 yards per game. Stick with what's working, let the line get fired up firing off the line of scrimmage.

Motion - Stack - Bunch

With the injuries to Bourne and Parker, the Patriots are looking rather short and thin at wideout. This could be a blessing in disguise. Pop Douglass is now the number one option he should have been from the get go. Tyquan Thornton is going to have to be a part of the game plan. The rub is Douglass is short and Thornton has issues against press man. Get into motion and stack sets to get these two off the line clean and into their pattern.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - there is no margin of error for this squad.

Limit the Laundry - Six flags a game is not limiting. Just thought I would toss that out there.

Own the Red Zone - The Pats held the Dolphins to 50% last week, considering the Phins are 74% for the season, not too shabby. New England needs to get down here more often but are hitting at 64% themselves just above Washington at 61.5 %

Flip that field - Bury them deep, be smart in the return game.

Again Pressure is the Key to the D

Last week was disappointing in both game plan and execution. This week the pressure needs to be put on Sam Howell from the get go. Get the amoebas into the secondary and get ready to jump routes. Keep this man confused. Do not show your hand early, don't give him time, and you win this game.

With Dan Snyder gone it's hard to hate the “ Commanders “ except for the name , should have left it at The Washington Football Team , but that's more my being dyslexic and reading it WTF all the time (chuckles). At this stage of the game the Pats are playing for pride. I am not now nor will I ever be one of the pack it in for a better draft pick crew. Lets hope no one on the field or on the sideline feels that way.

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