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Monster Keys to Patriots Victory over the Chargers

I can't stand the Chargers. Not their fans. The team . I hate Dean Spanos. A spoiled brat who inherited this franchise and since he did what was first and foremost in his mind? Forcing the people of San Diego to build his billionaire ass a new playground with an inground pool and a deep water dock to moor his yacht. And when they refused He moved this team to LA. There is a special circle in hell for guys like Art Model - The Irsay’s - The Davis’s and Dean Spanos. It's a cold dark place where all you get to watch on TV Is soccer. Here are my Monster Keys to Patriots victory over the Carpetbaggers

K.I.S.S. No, not the hottest band in the world. Keep - It - Simple - Stupid

It's been a foregone conclusion that Bailey Zappe will be the starter on Sunday. The more basic the game plan the better this team will execute. Zappe has had a week of first team reps. That's it. He was the clear # 2 from day one of camp until sometime on Tuesday. Simple doesn't mean predictable Billy. Keep the division Run/Pass as even as you can. Zappe does his best work out of play action so let Stevenson and Zeke set the table and move the chains.

Avoid the James Gang

I call it this because Safety Derwin James seems to be four players at the same time out there, his name is heard on almost every play every snap. He could be deep, he could be in the slot, he could be in the box. Find number 3 and don't let him change this game.

Keep Them out of the Red zone

The chargers don't do a lot well but they do the red zone really well. Their conversion rate is pornographic. This is not a bend but don't break week my friends. Get after Herbert. Beat him up early and keep the chargers outside the 40. Make them punt, make them settle. and for Christ Sake, Keep Jonathan Jones on Kennan Allen.

The Weeklies

Win the turnover battle - the pats are going to have to be a plus 2 in this game to win it.

Own Third Down - The chargers are converting on 48% of their third down tries over the past three games, this rate has to be in the 30’s for a shot at coming out on top. The pats need to get into second and short and convert on 50% in the late downs.

Flip the field - We’ve been over this

Limit the laundry - pick up your room, keep it clean, nothing on the floor.

Secret Key - head over to Locked On Patriots Youtube channel for this one.

Get the Tight Ends involved

What did Pharaoh Brown ever do to Bill O’Brien ? I don't know. With Pop Douglas out of action this week the Pats are going to have to do it dirty. On the ground and up the seams, get Henry and Brown involved early. Give Gesicki a water bottle and a magazine.

That's it my rabid readers. The Pats may have to pitch a perfect game to win this one. And a lot of you may hope they don’t but i sleep better at night knowing they have these keys and a shot at a victory. As always you can follow/give me grief on Twitter @Tmurph207

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